TAMISEMI: New 10, 000 Ajira za Walimu | Government Teachers Jobs in Financial Year 2021/2022


Ajira Za Walimu 10000 Financial Year 2021/2021. The Minister of State, Office of the President, Regional Administration and Local Government (Tamisemi) Ummy Mwalimu has said that there is currently no Secondary School without a Science Teacher.

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Minister Ummy said of the 6,749 jobs created in June 2021, 1,360 Physical Teachers employed and 599 Mathematics Teachers distributed in schools that did not previously have such teachers.

“It is my belief now that there is no secondary school in the country that does not have a single science teacher,” she said.

However, she has instructed the Regions to bring him a report if there is a Secondary School in the Council that does not have a single Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics teacher so that the balance of Science teachers can be done.

In addition, she said in this financial year 2021/22 the government expects to hire 10,000 teachers and the priority will be Science teachers.

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TAMISEMI – President’s Office – Regional Administration and Local Government (PO-RALG)

President’s Office – Regional Administration and Local Government

The role of the Ministry is to coordinate and supervise regional development management and administration. Thus, the ministry coordinates rural and urban development management policy and strategies; coordinates Regional Secretariats activities and builds their capacity in institutional development strategies for integrated socioeconomic development and financial development of Local Government Authorities.