40 Voluntary Jobs at Mawenzi Regional Hospital

Mawenzi Regional Hospital
is located in the very centre of Moshi town in the north eastern part of Tanzania, close to the Kenyan border. The hospital has a connection with Norway, which sends some of its physiotherapy students for short rotations at the hospital.

Mawenzi has quite a long history, starting as a medical dispensary in the 1920s before being upgraded to a hospital in 1956, but after the opening of the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre in Moshi, the hospital became underfunded, though it is still quite big and busy. Nevertheless, it is still the second largest hospital of the Kilimanjaro area.

It provides a range of services across several departments. These departments are made up of medical wards, surgical wards, a pediatric ward, a physiotherapy unit, which has two inhouse physiotherapists, a gynaecological and prenatal ward, which includes a labour ward, a HIV-unit, tuberculosis clinic, X-ray, a laboratory, and is offering tropical medicine. The hospital also caters for about 300 outpatients each day. Overall, it


 Mawenzi regional Hospital has started already before 1920 as a small military dispensary for German soldiers. 1956 the dispensary became a hospital. 1970’s KCMC, (Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center) a big university hospital was opened in Moshi and after that all the support and development was concentrated there and Mawenzi stayed behind without support and funds. But it was still very busy and big hospital.


There are altogether 447 workers in the hospital, 152 nurses and over 20 doctors. There are about 300 beds. You can find all the most common departments in Mawenzi, medical wards, surgical wards, pediatric ward, physiotherapy unit where there are 2 physiotherapists, gynecological and prenatal ward where there is also labor ward, HIV­-unit, tuberculosis clinic, X­-ray unit and a laboratory. 

In addition to the wards there are more than 300 out­-patients in the hospital every day. About 50 of them will be admitted to the hospital daily. In the pediatric ward there are 60 beds but there can sleep up to 4 kids in one bed. So the amount of patients in the pediatric ward can easily rise up to 200. In labor ward there are more than 40 beds and several deliveries every day. 

Mawenzi hospital is very busy and a lot of things are going on all the time. The workers of the hospital speak English and there has been foreigners working in the hospital before so they are already used to working with foreigners. This makes Mawenzi hospital a very good practical training placement

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Interns/volunteers need to bring their own working clothes and shoes and also lot of gloves and hand disinfection liquid. 

Internship/ voluntary work


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