President Magufuli Announces another 5,000 Teachers’ Jobs and Allowance for 8000 Employed Teachers

The government announces another 5,000 teachers’ jobs. The Tanzania government hopes to announce 5,000 new teacher jobs to continue to address teacher shortages.

This was stated on Tuesday, January 19, 2021 by President John Magufuli while addressing students at Bukoba Secondary School shortly after witnessing the signing of the Nickel Mining Agreement in Ngara District.

Tanzania government announces another 5,000 teachers’ jobs

“I am a teacher and I love teachers very much, keep working for our children. The government I lead will not throw us away, we recognize the great work you are doing and that is why the chief executives of the ministry are teachers, ”said the president Magufuli.

“In the last five years 300,000 teachers have been hired. We recently announced 8,000 vacancies and we hope to advertise another 5,000 teacher jobs. We want the issue of education to be considered, the country that values ​​education is the one that has the real intention to continue, ”stressed Magufuli.

He urged the students to study hard and to be disciplined and to stay away from temptations that could ruin their studies.

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“Read and build discipline, respect these teachers are your parents. When you go home vacation study hard because education is the key to life. I would really like there to be a whip, this is the only way to help a child who has not reached puberty, ”said Magufuli.

Also the Minister of TAMISEMI Jaffo on Jan 22 /2021 Orders Wakurugenzi to pay Employed 8000 Teachers Allowance within One Week....READ HERE IN SWAHILI


What To Do When Names Will Be Released TAMISEMI?

There is no exactly date of announcing names but to see list of all names of Secondary and Primary Schools Teachers that will be employed by government this financial year 2020/2021 will be available in TAMISEMI website



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