TAMISEMI to Employ 25,000 in 2023/24 | Ajira 25,000+ Kutolewa TAMISEMI 2023/2024

TAMISEMI JOBS: SIMIYU: The Minister of State, Office of the President, Regional Administrations and Local Governments, Mohamed Mchengerwa has said that next month the government is expected to announce 25,000 jobs in the health and education sector to deal with the current shortage of staff.


He has also asked the executives and employees of the Local Government Authorities not to accept the government being insulted. Mchengerwa said this yesterday in Simiyu during his visit to inspect projects and talk to employees in Simiyu region. He said after completing the government’s procedures, the region will be supplemented with requested staff in various cadres including health and education.

Earlier, the Regional Head of Simiyu, Dr. Yahaya Nawanda said the demand for employees in the region and its districts is 21,000 and the existing ones are 12,000, so there is a shortage of 8,000 employees and he asked the government to remove the challenge especially in the education and health sector.

“If you get a chance, hold it if you don’t believe it, look at what we had in the government out there, how are their conditions, if you set that standard, you will add to yourself that there is a need to serve Tanzanians who own their country, lest you shout at them and fail to serve them,” he said. He said in the database of the Office of the President-Tamisemi there are more than 100,000 people applying for jobs in the health sector and the same in education.