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 Compliance Coordinator
CCL Global Sub-Saharan Africa

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

 About the job



  • Shareholders satisfaction vis a vis CLIENT’S Compliance
  • CLIENT’S staff, stakeholders and Representatives satisfaction in terms of support, training and implementation of CLIENT’S Compliance program
  • Zero tolerance on Compliance: no compromise, full application of National guidelines for payment to POs Financial Dimension:
– Oil transportation project
– Operation Contracts Other key dimensions:
– “Hard”: Highly sensitive in terms of information disclosure
– “Soft”: Highly sensitive in terms of interaction with Stakeholders


In accordance with policies and procedures in place, CLIENT’S Compliance Coordinator carries out and/or organises the various actions necessary to the deployment of the Program and ensures its implementation within CLIENT’S. This requires in particular:
  • presenting and promoting this program to all operational and functional entities of CLIENT’S TZ
  • circulating the rules and procedures adopted and ensuring their application;
  • alerting the Compliance Officer of the CLIENT’S of any violation of the rules and/or any incident of corruption that comes to his attention, regularly updating information related to these facts until the case closes;providing assistance within the different departments of the CLIENT’S on the procedures;
  • in coordination with the Compliance Officer of CLIENT’S, monitoring the Program implementation such as elearning status, e-register, declaration of COI and all requested performance indicators
  • establishing and maintaining a secure and detailed archiving/document conservation system, in particular for the payment to POs
  • support CLIENT’S representatives and High Risk Vendors in the deployment of their Compliance Program especially regarding the tracking and payments of Per Diem to POs
  • in coordination with the Compliance Officer of CLIENT’S, liaise with Compliance Officers of CLIENT’S Shareholders to provide the necessary reporting in line with the requirements of consolidation
  • in liaison with the legal Affairs department and with external counsel as necessary, maintaining up to date information on the legal situation regarding Anti-corruption laws, rules, and regulations which are applicable
During the Construction Period
  • support the Compliance officer for the elaboration and monitoring of the Contractors’ Risk Mapping
  • in collaboration with the Construction team, as well as with the Land and Social teams in Tanzania, assist on the field for the appropriate audits and meetings as per the mitigation and action plans defined in the Risk Mapping, with particular attention to Human Rights and Per Diem payments to POs
  • support the Compliance officer for the drafting of all Compliance Policies and Procedures, such as (i) Conflict of Interest, (ii) Gift, hospitality and donations, (iii) Third Party Due Diligence, (iv) HR, (v) allowances and per-diem for public servants in Uganda and Tanzania.
  • in collaboration with C&P team and business owners, follow up the implementation of mitigation measures issued during the Third Party Due Diligence process
  • support the Compliance officer for the special attention required on CLIENT’S representatives on the Land and Social field of activity.
The East African Crude Oil Pipeline (CLIENT’S) project is a major regional infrastructure project between Uganda and Tanzania coast, opening a new value corridor between the two countries.
Job Location : The position is based in CLIENT’S office in Dar Es Salaam / Tanzania

  • Exemplarity in behaviour
  • Zero Tolerance in the implementation of the Program
  • Archiving of Compliance documents (DD, training presence sheets, reports, etc…)
  • Tracking system and KPI monitoring
  • Accurate Reporting to Shareholders

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Professional experience:
  • University Degree / Legal background
  • Rigorous and organised (multi-tasks management planning tracking, management of priorities) –
  • High sense of Ethical behaviour
  • Minimum of 10 years in multi-cultural environments
  • Satisfactory experience and knowledge of Compliance program especially regarding Per Diem to POs
  • Customer satisfaction oriented (Compliance is there to help for safe and sustainable business, not there to complicate the business, nor to sanction and add more burden)
  • Pedagogic, coordination and communication skills (need to spread Compliance behaviour in a supportive, constructive, and positive manner)
  • Familiar with performance improvement methodologies (i.e. LEAN, KPI)