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Consultancy at Avocats Sans Frontières (ASF) November, 2022
Job Description
The extractives sector has been growing over the past couple of years in Tanzania, particularly in northern regions rich in minerals, and in areas affected by the transnational East African Crude Oil Pipeline. While a key driver for economic development, such projects may also have potential harmful impacts for surrounding communities, such as environmental destruction, the exacerbation of economic or gender inequality, the rise of a precarious job market with a lack of decent working conditions, and land rights as well as other human rights violations. In this context, it is fundamental for those suffering human rights violations to be able to voice their complaints, find redress for their grievances and hold those who commit harm accountable for their actions.


General objectives
As part of its activities in Tanzania, ASF is looking for a national consultant to conduct a study on available remedies in the field of natural resource governance in Tanzania. The study will seek to inform legal assistance activities by providing an account of current remedies to the human rights impacts of extractive industries in four regions of Tanzania (Tanga, Mara, Shinyanga and Manyara).A secondary objective will also be to strengthen evidence-based advocacy on the issue of access to remedy.

Specific objectives
1. Provide an overview of existing remedy mechanisms at national and local levels.
2. Explore the experience of local communities and legal aid stakeholders in engaging with these remedy mechanisms, particularly with regard to the UNGPs on Business and Human Rights.
3. Map out Legal Aid Service Providers (LASPs) in the four selected regions.
4. Offer practical recommendations for the project moving forward, including advice to legal aid stakeholders on how best to engage with each remedy mechanism.

· A research report mapping remedy pathways, experiences from LASPs and local communities in engaging with them, and practical recommendations on improving legal assistance strategies.
· A companion booklet for LASP staff giving an overview of the main referral pathways which can be resorted to depending on the characteristics of a case, and relevant practical advice.

Profile and qualifications
The consultant will have to show the following qualifications and abilities:
1. A masters’ degree in law, social sciences, human rights, or any related discipline.
2. Experience in the field of natural resource governance and extractive industries in Tanzania.
3. Experience conducting social research, particularly qualitative research with local populations.
4. Excellent English speaking and writing skills.
5. Good Swahili speaking and writing skills.
6. Knowledge of local languages (desirable)
7. Experience conducting consultancy assignments with other international NGOs (desirable)

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Length of assignment
25 working days from December 1st 2022
How to apply
Applications must be submitted before November 21st 2022. The applicant should be available for an inception meeting (physically) the week of the 28th of November 2022. The following documents must be sent:
· A cover letter explaining the applicants’ motivation for undertaking this assignment
· A CV detailing the applicant(s) relevant qualifications and experience, including the name of at least two referees.
· A financial proposal detailing the activity’s anticipated costs, including the applicant(s) daily fees.
· A short technical proposal detailing the applicant’s understanding of the study’s objectives, methodology, and data collection, as well as a proposed timeline.
The applicant(s) should also kindly declare their availability in November and December 2022.
Applications must be submitted to Lucie Benaiteau ( and Nicole Kaneza ( with the following subject line: TZ Remedy Study – [Name of applicant]