Jobs at The Small Things, Families and Futures Coalition


POSITION:Program Manager and M+E

This role will be primarily responsible overseeing the pilot coalition hub, monitoring government compliance, ensuring that objectives are met for all team members, and handling day-to-day issues that arise. They will oversee all 4 components of the hub: children’s education, family strengthening, capacity building, and specialist services. They will also support the creation of toolkits and take a lead on the content end of the M & E app, as well as interpreting that data.

Staff and Organization Management (60%)

  • Manage coalition staff with support of Executive Director
  • Support recruitment for unfilled or new coalition roles
  • Provide an orientation and support staff with relevant logistics
  • Participate in annual planning for the coalition and help hold staff to objectives
  • Ensure all coalition staff have the resources to properly do their jobs
  • Primary point of contact for logistical issues that arise during operation of pilot hub
  • Coordinate construction and capital expenditures at pilot hub
  • Ensure coalition is compliant with government regulations, with HR/Admin specialist
  • Work with hub site guards and make sure site is secure
  • Coordinate membership logistics and oversee network mapping by capacity building coordinator

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Monitoring, Evaluation and Research (40%)

  • Manage and support development of the M+E app, based on international tools. IT Specialist will handle technical side
  • Work with partners to implement M+E at their sites
  • Gather and analyze M+E data to measure impact of coalition work
  • Continually assess available tools and options to improve systems.

Required Candidate Qualifications

  • Fluent spoken and fluent written Swahili
  • Fluent spoken and good written English
  • Academic qualification in Community Development, Social Work, Management, Monitoring + Evaluation, or related field.
  • Experience managing several subordinates at once
  • Comfortable using Google Drive, Google Docs/Word, and Google Sheets/Excel
  • Extensive cross-cultural experience
  • Organized and reliable, self-motivated
  • Team player who loves kids and is passionate about systemic change
  • Able to handle conflict and mediate between groups with competing needs
  • NOT looking for a limited 1-year position, but looking to grow with the organization

Preferred Candidate Qualities

  • Energetic, extroverted and friendly team player
  • Experience developing and using M+E and statistics systems
  • Experience working with international organizations such as USAID or UNICEF
  • Tanzanian, or already has visa/permit to work in TZ

POSITION:Administrative Specialist

Key Responsibilities:

This role is primarily responsible for the HR + administrative support needed by the coalition, as well as providing training and coaching on HR + administrative skills to coalition members. Please see for more details on the coalition project.Administrative Support, HR +

Operations (40%)

  • Oversee registration of the coalition as an independent entity in Tanzania when necessary
  • Implement operational systems, processes and policies
  • Oversee all aspects of HR function and ensure all personnel files are updated with current employee information, CVs and performance review documentation
  • Make sure the staff health insurance is active and up to date
  • Supervise the office routine and hygiene
  • Work with advocates on organization compliance (visa, case, HR and legal matters)
  • Compile weekly Monday minutes
  • Manage staff calendar
  • Enter staff objectives into excel and share with all the staff
  • Operate office equipment and maintain necessary office services
  • Appraisal timeline management and distribution of forms
  • Assist with hiring and recruitment of staff
  • Oversee committees and address
  • Assist executive director as needed

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Training + Specialist Work (60%)

  • Spend 2 days per week travelling to different sites to consult on HR + administrative support
  • Spend 1 day per week providing training/consultancy at the hub site to organizations looking for HR or administrative support, as needed
  • Work with Capacity Building Coordinator and Coalition Manager to create HR + Administrative toolkits

Required Candidate Qualifications

  • HR or administrative background and relevant experience
  • Fluent spoken and good written English
  • Comfortable using Google Drive and Google Docs/Word and Google Sheets/Excel
  • Extensive cross-cultural experience
  • Able to handle conflict and mediate between groups with competing needs

POSITION:Volunteer Officer

Key Responsibilities:

This role will be primarily responsible for day to day support and management of volunteers at TST and the coalition hub site at Silverleaf school, and supporting the education coordinator in their work at the afterschool enrichment program. This role requires a lot of afternoon, evening and weekend work, with more during the rest of the week. It is an ideal role for an extrovert who is passionate about welcoming new people to Tanzania, and who wants to make sustainable change for children.

Volunteer Coordination (40%)

Support education coordinator with all incoming volunteer and intern applications and correspondence

Plan with admin officer for logistics for all individual volunteers, visitors and school groups who come to the hub, including making budgets and creating itineraries

Provide an orientation and support volunteers with relevant logistics

Ensure all volunteer, visitor and school group visits run smoothly

Coordinate airport pickups and drop-offs for volunteers and visitors

Teach basic Swahili classes to volunteers

Preschool (20%)

  • Help screen volunteers to select those who will do well at TST preschool
  • Provide day to day support for volunteers placed in the preschool and oversee any projects they undertake

Silverleaf Afterschool Program (20%)

Support volunteers and student teachers in implementing daily afterschool program

Help coordinate purchase of supplies and materials for afterschool program as requested

Site Management (20%)

  • Support update, supply and maintenance of volunteer housing at Silverleaf and TST
  • Liaise with Silverleaf as needed to handle any issues arising around the shared site**

Required Candidate Qualifications

  • Tourism or volunteer support background and relevant experience
  • Fluent spoken and good written English
  • Willing to work more flexible, unusual hours in exchange for significant time off during the usual work week
  • Comfortable using Google Drive and Google Docs/Word and Google Sheets/Excel
  • Extensive cross-cultural experience

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Preferred Candidate Qualities

  • Energetic, extroverted and friendly with new guests
  • Good to excellent Kiswahili knowledge and ability to teach basic classes OR willingness to quickly learn
  • Able to handle conflict and mediate between groups with competing needs
  • Drivers license or ability to drive manual vehicle

How to apply

Please send your resume/CV and cover letter to Due to the large number of applications we generally receive, we regret that we are unable to personally respond to every applicant