Various Job Posts at Tanganyika Instant Coffee (TANICA) Plc


TANICA PLC was established as Tanganyika Instant Coffee Company Limited (TANICA LTD) under Companies ordinance (Cap. 212) in 1963 as a limited liability company. TANICA has been a state – owned company since inception until it was privatized in 2004 and the small coffee farmers in Kagera Region. Through their unions, KCU and KDCU together with an umbrella cooperative organization in the country, TFC (Tanzania Federation of Cooperatives).


TANICA PLC invites dynamics and suitable qualified Tanzanian to fill the following 5 job vacancies hereunder mentioned posts below...

Duties and Responsibilities

Responsible to the procurement officer

  • Responsible for determining the item to be stocked: programming stock, control and storage system related to procedures.
  • To give stock balance of raw materials, packing materials and finished products to procurement officer
  • Responsible for issue of relevant manuals of coordination with the chief Accountant.
  • To make reconciliation of balance per stock card with physical count at the end of the year.
  • Work conforming to food Safety Management System and ISO – 22,000. vii. All duties in the Division assigned to him.
  • Handling of raw materials and any company properties with maximum care to the place directed by the superior.
Qualification and Experience
  • Must be a holder of diploma in Material Management, Logistic, supply Chain Management, Procurement supply management.
  • He /she has to have a two years or more working experience in sales. iii. Must be a computer Literate and possess technology skills.
  • Must be of age of 18 and above but not more than 45 years. v. Must be a Tanzanian.

Duties and Responsibilities 

  • Carry out and seek activities and clerical assignments in the marketing department and Arusha sales centers.
  • Collect sales data, suggestions, and problems concerning TANICA products. iii. To look for orders from different customers and assist sales.
  • Visiting customers for providing after sales services in areas like supermarkets and hotels.
  • Collecting data and information for required comprehension. vi.
  • Work in conformity with Food Safety Management system and ISO – 22,000. vii.
  • Make sure that sales day money is banked promptly and at a convenient time.
  • Reports to Sales and Marketing Officer.
Qualification and Experience
  • Must be a holder of diploma in Marketing, Business Administration. ii. Excellent interpersonal communication skills both verbal and written. iii. He /she has to have a two year or more working experience in sales with recognized Company or Institution.
  • Must possess class “C” driving licenses plus driving certificate from recognized training institute with 3 years’ experience in driving

Duties and Responsibilities.

. Responsible and or reports directly to the Financial Accountant ii. To control, maintain and prepare true and accurate accounts up to “Trial balance”
iii. Report on performance and costs
iv. Preparation of Financial statement summaries, Final Accounts, and Balance sheet.
v. Preparation of periodical financial statement of revenue and expenditure. vi. Review VAT, Tax returns for submission to relevant authorities. vii. Reconciliation of sales Proceeds with sales made and reporting promptly of any discrepancies.
viii. Checking of sales invoices and account sales to certify their accuracy. ix. Maintaining sales day book for all sales including Bukoba, Mwanza, Dar es salaam, and Arusha.
x. Assist the Financial Accountant in preparation of final accounts. xi. Work in conformity with safety management system and ISO 22,000. xii. Perform any other related duties as may be assigned from time to time by the Financial Accountant.
xiii. Reports to Financial Accountant

Qualification and Experience
i. Must have diploma in Accountancy, Finance, business or economics. ii. He /she has not less than two year working experience in same field with recognized institution.
iii. Computer Literate is an added advantage.
iv. Must be a person with integrity.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • To perform all lab routine tests (Moisture control bulk density, cleanliness tests) and keep laboratory records.
  • Checking weight accuracy and packing of finished products. iii. Checks whether quality results correspond to the laid down standards. iv. Carrying measurements of machines performance.
  • Work in conformity with food safety management system and ISO- 22,000. vi. Reports to Quality Controller.
  • Any other duties assigned by senior.
Qualification and Experience.
  • Must have at least diploma in laboratory science and technology or any other related field from recognized institution.
  • At least two years’ experience in the field.
  • Any other assigned duties by senior.
Duties and Responsibilities

  • To guard and protect materials and property of the factory.
  • To see that raw materials and equipment are properly stored and handled. iii. To assist management in matters pertaining to security.
  • To adhere to food safety Management system
  • To safeguard the company staffs from any violation
  • Supervises security guards
  • Any other related duties as may be assigned by superiors
  • Reports to Human Resource Manager
Qualification and Experience
  • Must have at least Form VI plus JKT Training Certificate in fire Manship and first aid.
  • Must have experience in similar task for not less than 3 years. iii. Must be fluent in either English or Swahili language.
  • Retired officers from government force service such as JKT, JWTZ and Police Force of the below age are encouraged to apply.
  • Must be of age 18 and above but not more than 45 years. vi. Must be Tanzanian citizen

i. All applicants must be citizens of Tanzania generally with an age not above 45 years.
ii. Applicants must attach an up–to date Curriculum Vitae (CV) having three referees, personal particulars and reliable contacts: postal address/ post code, email and telephone numbers. 

iii. Applicants must attach their certified copies of the relevant certificates. iv. Form IV and form VI results slip Testimonials and all partial transcripts are not acceptable.
v. All application to be sent to the address below not later than 23rd July, 2021.

P.O.BOX 410,
NB: No application via email will be considered. Phone call or routing your application via any TANICA PLC staff will be disqualified.