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Americares Foundation Tanzania is seeking qualified vendor for the drilling of a new borehole, including its development, installation of a submersible pump, and connection to the main storage tank in order to meet a minimum daily water demand of 8,000 liters per day Kibondo District Hospital. The quotation should be submitted on company letterhead and signed. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions (below) in preparing your quotation.

Specifically, the main tasks that the selected contractor will have to successfully complete are:

  • Review of all available technical material provided by Americares (e.g. BHI assessment, hydrogeological and geophysical studies, etc.)
  • Mobilization and demobilization of personnel, equipment and materials to Kibondo District Hospital
  • Site preparation, setting up of the equipment and clearing of site after completion of drilling.
  • Drilling of exploratory borehole(s) for the purpose of identifying suitable lithological, structural and hydrological characteristics of a potential aquifer and to locate and roughly define its potential output.
  • Drilling of a positive / productive borehole.
  • Submission of a technical report to include the following information:

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  1. GPS coordinates / location.
  2. Lithological description.
  3. Pump size recommendation.
  4. Records of depths, soil log / classification (samples for each 2m drilled or less);
  5. Type of bottom plug installed.
  6. Screen’s placement and total screens surface (slots size: 0.50 mm to 0.75 mm. Wall thickness minimum 7.5 mm);
  7. Casing (diameter – nominal: standard 5” or 6″. Collapse resistance: not less than 8 bars, ideally 16 bars);
  8. Gravel pack limits (River or quarry gravel; quartz, round shaped and uniform. Average Ø between 1-2 mm and 6-8mm).
  9. Location of water producing section.
  • Construction of a concrete sanitary apron / seal and sanitary cap to protect the well from surface contamination.
  • Procurement and installation of a suitable multistage submersible pump, including GI riser pipe, any accessories and necessary electrical upgrades to ensure proper functioning of the new pump – cost of pump should be included in bid.
  • Development of the well (i.e. air lifting) and pump tests, including detailed log information on tests results, recharge, yield, etc. Pumping tests should cover a step draw down test (at least four steps) and a constant discharge test followed by a recovery test (to 95% of the original static water level and for at least 9 to 12 hours).
  • Construction of a secure and covered masonry pump house to limit access to the pump / borehole. Minimum dimensions should be 1.5L x 1.5W x 2H meters.
  • Plumbing works to connect the new borehole to the 50,000 L masonry tank that will serve as the primary storage for the distribution system (GI pipes) – include variable cost per meter of pipe in quote (not fixed price as distance is unknown)
  • Shock chlorination of both the well and the storage tank (with 50mg/l chlorine solution) and test cycle
  • Completion of water quality analyses, including physical, chemical, and microbiological parameters, as required by the government of Tanzania
  • Delivery of complete system, including all supporting documentation and training of hospital personnel on basic operation and maintenance of the pump
  • Obtain and manage all required drilling and construction permits and licenses.
  • Obtain and pay any applicable fees for government certification of borehole, after completion.
  • Manage and ensure compliance with all drilling, construction, health, and safety laws and guidelines in Tanzania.
  • Liaise with Americares Tanzania, Kibondo District Hospital, and Kibondo District Council staff frequently and provide regular updates on progress and challenges.

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Delivery Information/Instructions:

  • In terms of location, all construction works will be done at or nearby the Kibondo District Hospital.
  • All materials must be new and cannot be refurbished or reclaimed.
  • Timeline for project completion: No later than 30 calendar days after acknowledgment of receipt of the first installment (liquidated damages of 0.5% of total contract price will apply for each business day used beyond this deadline to complete these works).
  • Contractor must include a repair and defect warranty period of 12 months within their bid to cover all completed works within the RFQ
  • Americares will provide no more than 25% of the full cost upon signing of the contract
  • Americares staff must be present during completion of works to sign off on work
  • Quote must be valid for 30 days from time of submission.
  • Require vendors to provide a description of experience completing similar works within the past five years.
  • Require the CV of the head engineer(s) who would be overseeing the work.
  • Require vendors to list of three past complete projects and the telephone number and email address of a client for each of those projects who is willing to provide a reference require vendors to have business and workers insurance.

 Evaluation criteria

Offers will be evaluated based on their responsiveness to the specification, qualifications and experience of the vendor, price, after sale service, delivery time and related criteria.

Submission Deadline:

The quote must be submitted to Americares Tanzania Office no later than 24/03/2021.

Quotations submitted after the deadline will not be considered.

Offer should be submitted electronically Please, note that before sending your quote by e-mail you must sign, scan and send the quote as an attachment in PDF format to infotanzania@americares.org.