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Shinyanga, also known as Shinyanga Mjini in the local Swahili language, is a city in northern Tanzania. The city is the location of the regional headquarters of Shinyanga Region as well as the district headquarters of Shinyanga Urban District. The region and district are named after the town.
Shinyanga is located in Shinyanga District, in Shinyanga Region, in northern Tanzania. The city is located approximately 175 kilometres (109 mi), by road, southeast of Mwanza, the nearest large city. This location lies approximately 475 kilometres (295 mi), by road, northwest of Dodoma, the capital city of Tanzania. The coordinates of the city are: 3°39′43″S 33°25′23″E / 3.661945°S 33.423056°E / -3.661945; 33.423056.
The 2002 national census estimated the population of Shinyanga at about 93,000. The 2012 national census listed the population of Shinyanga Municipal Council at 161,391.

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Shinyanga is served by the Shinyanga Railway Station as a branch of the Central Railway of Tanzania.
Located Almost 8 Km along Mwanza road in Itabadakuli Area.
Shinyanga is served by the Tabora-Mwanza Highway. The highway passes conveniently through the center of Shinyanga.
New Government Jobs Opportunities SHINYANGA at USHETU District Council, 2021.
Today we announce jobs at USHETU District Council. Read carefully all currently available jobs descriptions by downloading PDF File attached.... 

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Deadline: 16th March, 2021.
Position: WATENDAJI Executive Officers