12 Employment Opportunities at Amana Bank-Tanzania


Amana Bank
is the Tanzania’s first & fully fledged Islamic Bank.Its beginning can be traced back to October 2009 when a group of prominent Tanzanian business personalities met and set in motion the establishment of an Islamic bank. Today, Amana Bank is wholly owned by a diverse base of Tanzanian businessmen who are committed to the success thereof.

We aspire to be the preferred and leading provider of Sharia compliant financial solutions in our markets.

To provide unique and innovative financial solutions which are Sharia compliant in an ethical and transparent manner driven by cutting-edge technology for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Amana Bank’s quest for excellence is centered on one of its greatest assets – “Our people”.

Amana Bank aims to play a meaningful role in fostering economic development and social progress in Tanzania. Employing over 250 Tanzanians, Amana Bank hopes to contribute in the development of knowledge and expertise in Islamic banking and finance in Tanzania.

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