70 Government Job Opportunities at Songea Municipal Council

Songea Municipal Council
is one of the eight Councils in Ruvuma Region.  Songea Municipality is also the District and Regional headquarters.  Other Councils are Songea Rural, Namtumbo, Mbinga and Tunduru.  The four corners of the Municipal boundaries border with Songea Rural District and Madaba Council.

Songea Municipal Council aspires to have a community that enjoys high and sustainable living standards.
Songea Municipal Council in collaboration with all the stakeholders intends to offer quality and sustainable services to its community through  proper use of available resources and those that will come, through  adherence to the transparent and democratic principles  so that in the long run they raise the standard of living of the community by the year 2025.
 70 Job Opportunities at Songea Municipal

Gem mining area. Songea corundum contains a high level of magnesium, resulting in a wide variety of fancy colors including green, purple, burgundy, pink and red-orange.
Some sapphires from here show the alexandrite effect. 

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