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Terms of Reference
Job Summary
Main objective of the assignment is to produce a 20-minute documentary depicting increase in protection, wellbeing, and safety of PSNs from Nduta and Mtendeli camps and neighboring host communities.

Job Description 

Project: Improving equitable protection, wellbeing and Safety of Persons with Specific Need (PSNs) in Nduta, Mtendeli camps and neighboring hosting regions/villages in Northwestern Tanzania  
Goal: Portrayed Increase in protection, wellbeing, and safety of PSNs from Nduta and Mtendeli camps and neighboring host communities
Action By: External Consultant
Location(s) of the activity: Kigoma
Implementation Dates: August, 2020

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HelpAge International provides inclusive and protection services to persons with specific needs (PSNs) among Burundian refugees in Nduta and Mtendeli camps in North Western Tanzania. The main protection risks affecting PSNs include discrimination, marginalization, stigmatization, limited support at distribution points and inability to access services. Older people and people with disabilities are routinely excluded from humanitarian response. The Humanitarian inclusion standards for older people and people with disabilities recognize the importance of including those most at risk and can help you to uphold the humanitarian principles. It is with these factors this project was designed to ensure increase protection, wellbeing, and safety of 87,629 PSNs (47,896F; 39,733M) from Nduta and Mtendeli camps and neighboring host communities. The project will address the specific needs of 37,049 (24,185F, 12,864M) persons with physical disabilities and poor mobility; 37,436 (16,613F, 20,823M) older persons; and 13,144 (7,098F, 6,046M) persons with chronic illnesses and other vulnerabilities, while indirectly reaching out to 175,258 individuals over the next two years. 

Objective of the assignment
Main objective of the assignment is to produce a 20-minute documentary depicting increase in protection, wellbeing, and safety of PSNs from Nduta and Mtendeli camps and neighboring host communities. 

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Scope of work
Documentation of the materials will provide an advocacy tool which can be used to lobby for greater protection and inclusion of older women and men in key decision making process, to enable older people’s and people with disabilities protected and lead a dignified life. The documentary will also highlight how the project has helped to reduce the protection vulnerabilities and increased the protection capacities of PSNs through the contributions of community based rehabilitation, community based protection in Kigoma region. Additionally,the documentary will focus on the impact of cash based interventions that have had a particular value and impact on building resilience and assisting the transition towards recovery and developemnt in particular through protecting or restoring livelhoods as part of psychosocial support programs ffor improving older people’s dignity and wellbeing.
Specific tasks are: Develop a narrative concept, and scenario for the video documentary
  • Create a shot list inclusive of direct stakeholders, HelpAge Germany officers, key government officials (MoHCDGEC, PO-RALG), and HelpAge staff part of which will need to be included in the documentary.
  • Visit the project sites and interact with older people and other stakeholders
  • Dev
  • elop a script for the documentary for HelpAge approval before carrying out the footage.

  • Present 20 minutes, precise, captivating, and informative draft documentary to HelpAge for review
  •  Present the complete series of 5 minutes documentary versions on the impact of the project on a) Accountability and Voice of older people b) Age friendly health and care services and Universal health coverage c) Social protection measures d) Rights
  • The complete (20minutes version documentaries should include: a short promotional version (60 seconds) and a 4.5 minute longer version in high definition (HD). The 60 seconds documentary shall be an edited version of the same footage to spark viewer’s interest to watch the longer version. Submit a 1 soft copy and 1 hard copy of the not less than 10 pages programme booklet.
Duration of the Assignment
The assignment is expected to take 20 days from the date of signing the contract.

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Experience by Consultancy Firm/Group/Individual
• A minimum of 3 years of proven experience in film/Documentary production;
• Have extensive experience in producing news, documentary films, TV programmes and short format films (proof of experience is a MUST).
• Able to produce high quality broadcast video on tight deadlines on a variety of different issues and subject matter;
• Able to operate or dispatch a team that can produce and film on location without any other supervision 

Technical requirements
• Broadcast quality full HD video , 1920 x 1080p
• Professional sound recording at minimum of 96 kHz/24-bit
• HD web files and HD DVD as final products
Maximum of Tsh.......... inclusive of travelling costs. 

Intellectual Property
All information pertaining to this project (documentary, audio, digital, cyber, project documents, etc) belonging to the client, which the service provider may come into contact with in the performance of his/her, duties under this consultancy shall remain the property of HelpAge International who shall have exclusive rights over their use. Except for purposes of this assignment, the information shall not be disclosed to the public nor used in whatever form without written permission from HelpAge International.
Targets Groups to be included
HelpAge Staff, older women and men and Local government authorities.
Team Composition for the Activity
HelpAge staff and other key stakeholders in the localities.

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How to apply
Interested eligible bidders may submit quotes to the below address on or before 4:00pm of Friday 14th August, 2020. All offers should be properly filled in, sealed in envelopes marked “RFQ-AA DOCUMENTARY CONSULTANCY” MUST be delivered to the below address:
The Country Director
HelpAge International, Tanzania
134 Migombani Street, Regent Estate, Mikocheni
P.O. Box 9846, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
Tel: +255(0) 22 2700169/2774796
Mob: +255 766 706 392