Wednesday, June 26, 2019

No National Identity Card from NIDA No Employment from July 2019

  e-SBO       Wednesday, June 26, 2019
From JULY 2019 No Government Employment will be Provided Without National Identity Card from NIDA.The Secretariat in Public Service, Mr Xavier Daudi has asked all applicants who expect to Apply opportunities in the Government to ensure that they have the National Identity From NIDA because to have the National identity will be one of the criteria that will enable the applicant to get job opportunities announced by the Government.
The statement was given by the Secretariat of the Employment Secretariat, which is about a month has passed since the Minister of State, President's Office, Service and Good Governance, George Mkuchika made a statement that need graduates of various levels of education to ensure they follow up all the processes of getting  National Identity, for Government has continued to improve its systems including the Workforce Application System through the Recruitment Portal, while launching the training of Employers in the public sector in Dodoma. 
For more details Download PDF FILE in SWAHILI through the link below:

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