New Job Vacancies at Afritrack Tanzania


Position: Assistant Systems Integrator - Tanzania 
Job description
Afritrack seeks to recruit an Assistant Systems Integrator who can integrate various IoT products with 3rd party add-ons and with the online platform so as to deliver a higher range of functionality for the customer as well as expand the market scope with new solution offerings.
The Skill Set:
  1. Knowledge of electronics components and circuits
  2. Simple programming of devices such as programmable logic controllers
  3. Ability to integrate systems, for example – fuel level sensor to a tracking device and finally to the online tracking portal (online database and GIS extensive knowledge NOT required)
  4. Creativity and resourcefulness to get things working and do research and development
  5. Basic technical writing skills.
Detailed Responsibilities:
  1. To vigorously execute IOT solutions from a technical/integration perspective in the priority that is agreed with management.
  2. To execute full integration cycle from conception, design, testing and installation of the ‘ready-for-market’ proof of concept in a real scenario such that it can be taken to market and replicated without further involvement. This includes appropriate documentation, step-by-step instruction manual for installers and customers as well as training and familiarization for installers and customers.
  3. To initiate and manage long-standing work relationships with 3rd party Technical Support teams.
  4. To oversee and improve the front end portal and work closely with the software development company to maintain the portal, fix any bugs, improve, integrate new features and products.
  5. To troubleshoot system wide problems (when they occur) with the entire delivery chain and be the coordination point for its prompt resolution as well as ensure business continuity measures are taken.
  6. To discuss and engage with the management on strategic ways forward for the company.
  7. Any other tasks that are delegated by the PDM, GM or MD.
The Candidate:
  1. Able to work with minimal supervision and high sense of responsibility and personal integrity.
  2. Must be passionate, insanely aware of the product and the service we intend to deliver.
  3. Must be energetic, have a positive outlook and be very creative.
  4. Must be resourceful and innovative in overcoming challenges, a problem solver.
  5. Must be committed to meeting assigned deadlines.
  1. Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in an Information Technology discipline or equivalent.
  2. Must be IT savvy and must understand basic product concepts and workings.
  3. Candidates with similar work experience are encouraged to apply.
About us
Afritrack is the trade name of Laiki Technology Ltd., which itself was registered in 2006. Afritrack specializes on being an Internet of Things (IoT) provider. In essence, it started as a vehicle tracking company and has evolved to ‘track everything’. It works with vendors to integrate various components to deliver a finished product. The front end is a web-based software application through which customers can log-in and track their assets. Afritrack has specialized in serving the higher end companies who can use the power of Business Intelligence to increase efficiencies and lowering costs and leakages. Against that objective, Afritrack is continuously investing into R&D and product improvement so as to meet the requirements and expectations of the customers. Afritrack is growing rapidly vertically, as it expands its service offerings as well as horizontally, as it enlarges its geographic area of operation.