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Mining Engineer at Lake Cement Ltd

Job Description for the position of Mining Engineer

Qualification required—Bachelor’s Degree in Mining Engineering from a reputed University

Experience – Minimum 2-5 years of hand-on experience in operations of open pit limestone mining. Experience in operation of Surface Miner is desirable but not mandatory.


Reporting to: HOD – Quarrying

Following are the required skills: –

1. Must have good leadership and communication skills.

2. Must have experience of Quarry short, medium and long-term planning.

3. Clear understanding of statutory and legal compliances, Mines safety requirements and reporting requirements for Ministry of Energy and Minerals, NEMC.

4. Knowledge of Quarry rehabilitation/ MCP.

5. Ability to carry out monthly stock survey and volume computation together with reconciliation.

6. Ability to carry out Internal and External Mining Auditing.

7. Competence in Mines and infrastructure design.

8. Reporting and data analysis (Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly)

9. Waste dump design and Management.

10. Competence in Earth Moving Equipment’s operation and maintenance

11. Must have basic knowledge in Geology (Exploration, Evaluation and Production geology).

12. Competence of Fleet Management and optimum utilization and ensure cost effective operations

13. Good skill in survey instruments and volume computation.

14. Must possess knowledge of Geotechnical issues.

15. Competence in Managing Crusher operations and stock pile management to meet quality and quantity of Raw meal needed for cement plant operations.

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16. Ability to implement Mines Safety Management Plan and to ensure a safe and efficient mining operation.

17. Any other job as assigned by HOD.

Candidate must have excellent track record, high integrity, positive attitude and must have a tendency to learn and adapt.

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