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Local Open Tender

for civil works school renovation and building
Proc. Reference: WW-EU PEMBA-KIJANI PEMBA_School works &


WeWorld Onlus(WeWorld), NGO active in 26 countries, has received a grant from Europe Commission and it intends to launch a procedure in the framework of the project entitled “Strengthening Urban Eco-Resilience in Chake Chake and Mkoani” -“EuropeAid/176583/DD/ACT/TZ”

Work to be provided

The subject of this tender procedure is the execution of the following work in 5 schools in ChakeChake and Mikoane(Pemba-Zanzibar):

School renovation civil works:

Renovation and/or building of new sanitation facilities;

Building of rain water harvest system and related piping at school level;

Drainage channel systems;

Electric system cabling;

Installation of ceiling drywalls;

Renovation of structural walls, plastering, painting, tiles installation;

Gardening renovation;

Drawing modification, according to ongoing works modifications;

All Instructions are comprehensively explained in the Invitation to Bid package(ITB)


The ITB will be available:

  • By USB: WW Pemba Office: Mkungu Malofa, Chake Chake, PO box 173 Pemba
  • By USB: WW Dar es Salaam office: Mikocheni B, Meru street, Dar es Salaam, PO box 105917
  • By mail:

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From 6st June 2024, 8 AM To 5th July, 4PM

Collection hours – Monday to Friday, from 8:00 AM to 16 PM

Eligible bidders must submit the bid by required deadline.

The deadline for tender submissions is 5th July, 16 PM – Tanzania time zone.

Additional information or clarifications/questions will be published on WeWorld website
accordingly to the instructions indicated in the ITB.

Bid Submissions sent after the deadline will not be considered.