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GIZ is seeking an organization to conduct a Baseline Study of current hydrological, hydrometric,
biodiversity, and land use conditions in the Katuma Catchment (Katavi-Rukwa Landscape)


GIZ is a federally owned enterprise operating worldwide, assisting the German Government in achieving its policy objectives in the field of international cooperation. It offers demand-driven, tailor-made and effective services for sustainable development worldwide. In Tanzania and across the region GIZ supports the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania and the EAC in attaining their development goals.


GIZ is looking for a professional and experienced organization to conduct a baseline study for the Katuma River Catchment (within the Katavi-Rukwa land scale) that encompasses three key areas:

  • Hydrological and hydrometric conditions (water balance, surface water, ground water, water uses)
  • Biodiversity inventory and indicators (aquatic, forest, terrestrial)
  • Land use (topography, geology, etc)

Therefore, GIZ would like to request qualified organizations to send their Expression of Interest (Eol) as per below details. The organization selected will be responsible with primary and secondary data collection (requiring field research in the Katuma catchment) as well as report drafting, including any relevant maps and the submission of all raw data to GIZ.

  • Collection of primary and secondary data on hydrology/hydrometry in Katuma Catchment
  • Creation of current biodiversity inventory in Katuma Catchment and Katavi National Park using primary and secondary data
  • Development of biodiversity indicators for wetlands health to be measured in Katuma Catchment/Katavi National Park using primary and secondary data
  • Evaluation of current land use in Katuma Catchment with projections of future land use change where possible
  • Creation of GIS Maps visualizing hydrology/hydrometry, land use/land cover, biodiversity, wetlands, and similar
  • Use of own monitoring equipment for primary data collection on hydrology/hydrometry and biodiversity
  • Supply of raw data to GIZ
  • Drafting of full written report with accompany maps, charts, and visualizations to GIZ

Your documents must show the following information:

  1. A clear physical address and Contact address (Telephone number, email address, physical address).
  2. Company profile, including Annual turnover and number of staff, together with a brief description of the company’s experience in collecting baseline environmental/natural resources data in Tanzania
  3. Samples of previous baseline or similar studies

(natural resources assessments, biodiversity assessments/studies,                                hydrological

studies/assessments, or similar) that showcase professional experience of minimum of 5 years conducting these sorts of research/reports

  1. Must be able to physically travel to Katuma catchment for primary data collection
  2. Must have access to own monitoring equipment for primary data collection
  3. Proof of previous experience with international organizations/international development actors
  4. Describe daily rate for experts
  5. Sample CVs of experts, at minimum one expert per category (hydrology/hydrometry, biodiversity, land use)
  6. Business registration Certificate in Tanzania if applicable
  7. TIN / VAT Registration Certificate if applicable
  8. Valid latest tax clearance certificate from Revenue Authority if Applicable

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Submission of EOI

Please submit your EOI documents to email address (TZunderscore _ ) latest by 19h June 2024 with the subject line Katuma Catchment Baseline Study EOI.