New Jobs at Kibaha Ditrict


Kibaha is one of nine administrative districts of Pwani Region in Tanzania. The name means '"it is here" in Zaramo. The District covers an area of 1,502 km2 (580 sq mi). Kibaha District is bordered to the northeast by Kibaha Urban District and the north by Chalinze District. The district is bordered to the southeast by the Kisarawe District, On the western side the district is borderd by Morogoro District of Morogoro Region. The district seat (capital) is the town and ward of Mlandizi. According to the 2012 census, the district has a total population of 70,209.


Accounts Officer and chief executive of the village government;
To manage the protection and safety of citizens and their properties, to be a peacekeeper and administrator of good governance in the village;
Coordinating and managing the planning of village development plans;
Secretary of all meetings and committees of the village Council;
Interpreting and Administering Policies, Laws and Procedures;
To prepare information on the implementation of work in his area and to motivate citizens in preparing and implementing strategies to eliminate hunger, poverty and increase wealth production;
The leader of the heads of the specialized units in the village;
Manage, collect and store all records and documents of the village;
Chairman of the meeting of experts present in the village;
Receive, listen and resolve citizens’ complaints and disputes;
Supervising the formulation of village Bylaws; and
He will be responsible to the Chief Executive of the Ward.

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Employed with a Fourth (IV) or Sixth (VI) education who has completed Diploma/Certificate training in one of the following fields: Administration, Law, Social Education, Financial Management, Social Development and Arts Science from the Government College of Local Hombolo, Dodoma or any College recognized by the Government.