HESLB 2024: LOAN ITEMS AND AMOUNTS TO BE ALLOCATED|Viwango vya Mikopo vinavyotolewa Na Bodi ya Mikopo HESLB

Viwango vya Mikopo vinavyotolewa Na Bodi ya Mikopo HESLB 2024: LOAN ITEMS AND AMOUNTS TO BE ALLOCATED

  • Loan Items and Maximum Amounts

Successful loan applicants will be financed an amount equivalent to established neediness or as may be determined by the Board. The established maximum lump sum will be distributed to loan items as per the following sequence; Meals and Accommodation (MA), Tuition Fee (TF), Books and Stationery Expenses (BS), Special Faculty Requirements (SFR), Research Expenses (RES) and finally Field Practical Training (FPT).


HESLB may provide loans to cover all or some of the following items: –

 Meals and Accommodation (MA)

MA maximum amount will be calculated at TZS. 10,000.00 per day during on- campus training as per HEIs almanac for the respective academic year.

 Tuition Fee (TU)

The maximum amount of TZS 3,100,000.00 per annum may be granted based on comparable amount charged by public institutions.

   Books and Stationery ( BS)

A maximum amount of TZS 200,000.00 per annum for Books and Stationery may be granted to eligible and needy students

   Special Faculty Requirement (SFR)

Subject to Means Testing results, applicant may be availed with Special Faculty Requirement (SFR) loans up to 100% but only for study programs that require special faculty requirement items.

  Field Practical Training/Teaching Practical (FPT)

HESLB may provide loans to cover for Field Practical Training/Teaching Practical (FPT) allowance at the rate of TZS 10,000.00 per day up to a maximum of 56 days in a year.

  Research (RES)

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HESLB may provide loans for Research expenses to a maximum of TZS 500,000.00 in selected fields of Health Sciences, Engineering, Agriculture and Land Sciences.

Loans to cover Research expenses for other programs will be provided to a maximum of TZS 100,000.00 in their final year of study.