New Opportunities at Young Africans Sports Club ("Yanga")


Request For Proposals To Provide Consultancy Services at Young Africans Sports Club ("Yanga")

Request For Proposals To Provide Consultancy Services


Young Africans Sports Club (“Yanga”) founded in 1935 is a professional football club based in Jangwani, Ilala District, Dar es Salaam, United Republic of Tanzania. Renowned fort its historical success, the club has secured a record of 30 domestic league titles. It is the most successful football club in the United Republic of Tanzania boasting the most loyal fans and members supported by specific statistics.


The Club passed a resolution on 27th June 2021 at its Annual General Meeting to amend its constitution allowing a joint ownership model of 51% by members and 49% by investors through a newly formed company, the constitution was officially registered by the Registrar of Sports Associations and Clubs on 14th December 2021. However, since the company has not yet been established, the club remains entirely under the ownership of its members.

In order to implement the resolutions passed by its members, the club is seeking a highly qualified consultant with the competencies outlined in clause 7 of this advertisement to perform the tasks and guide the club through the process transparently.


Yanga is seeking a qualified consultant to conduct due diligence in the areas of Legal, Tax, Operations, and Financial affairs of the club, as well as perform an enterprise valuation.


Legal Due Diligence:

  • Review of corporate structure, legal documents, contracts, agreements, and litigation history.
  • Identification of any legal risks, compliance issues, or potential liabilities.

Tax Due Diligence:

  • Examination of tax records, filings, and compliance with tax regulations.
  • Analysis of potential tax liabilities, risks, and opportunities for optimization.
  • Advise on Tax efficient operational setup in line with Yanga transformation objectives.

Operational Due Diligence:

  • Assessment of operational processes, workflows, and efficiency.
  • Identification of any operational challenges, risks, or areas for improvement.

Financial Due Diligence:

  • Review of financial statements, including balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements.
  • Analysis of financial performance, trends, and key financial metrics.
  • Examination of accounting practices, policies, and procedures.

Enterprise Valuation:

  • Conduct a thorough valuation of the company based on various valuation methodologies, such as discounted cash flow (DCF), comparable company analysis (CCA), and precedent transactions.
  • Provide a detailed report outlining the valuation methodology, assumptions, and conclusion.


  • The client shall provide the consultant(s) with all documents relevant to the assignment including but not limited to financial statements, financial projections and any other documents deem necessary for effective execution of the same.
  • Make available of counterpart staff from departments that will work with the consultant to ensure smooth execution of the assignment.
  • Review, comment and approve on the reports submitted by the consultant
  • Pay the consultant in accordance with terms and conditions of the contract


It is expected that the consultant will deliverthe following:

  • An Inception report which outlines the activities, deliverables, proposed methodologies, and work plan/time frame to deliver the above scope of work.
  • Comprehensive due diligence reports for each area (Legal, Tax, Operational, and Finance).
  • Enterprise valuation report with detailed analysis and conclusions.
  • Presentation to the management and Board as and when requested.


Interested consultants are invited to submit proposals containing the following:

  • Company profile and relevant experience in conducting due diligence and enterprise valuations.
  • Proposed methodology and approach for each aspect of the due diligence and valuation process.
  • Proposed timeline and key milestones for the project.
  • Team composition and qualifications of key personnel who will be involved in the project.
  • Fee structure, including any additional costs or expenses.

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  • Solid background in Corporate Finance, Legal and Tax Matters.
  • Proven track record in conducting due diligence and enterprise valuations especially for companies in sports, entertainment, and marketing industry.
  • The consultant should have a minimum of 5 years’ experience in the Local Capital Markets in financial advisory, analysis and valuation services, as demonstrated by credentials/CV of respective team members.
  • The consultant should have a minimum of 5 years’ experience in the legal, tax and regulatory environment as demonstrated by credentials/CV of respective team members.
  • The consultant must have a valid Business License, tax clearance certificate and other regulatory documents.
  • The consultant shall consist of personnel with wide range of skills and experience in legal, regulatory, and financial landscape applicable to the company and its industry, as demonstrated by credentials/CV of respective team members.


Proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Experience and expertise in conducting due diligence and enterprise valuations.
  • Methodology and approach proposed for the assignment.
  • Qualifications and expertise of the proposed team members.
  • Proposed timeline and ability to meet project deadlines.
  • Cost-effectiveness and value proposition.


  • RFP Issuance Date: 23rd May 2024
  • Proposal Submission Deadline: 4th June 2024
  • Evaluation of Proposals: 6th June 2024
  • Consultant Selection: 9th June 2024

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