New Tender at Tarura

Multiple Tender Positions at Tarura March 2024, Jobs The Rural and Urban Roads Agency (TARURA) was founded in line with the Law on Government Agencies Chapter No. 245 and publicly declared in the Government Gazette No. 211 on May 12, 2017. The Agency began operations officially on July 1, 2017, and it has already been nearly 5 years since its inception.


The primary goal of TARURA is to address the challenges that arose when the responsibility for District Road Network Management was delegated to Local Government Authorities (MSM) 184, as well as to address changes in the road sector with the goal of improving services and increasing efficiency. Open Tender Positions at Tarura March 2024

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 Agency Other responsibilities

As defined in the Agency Establishment Document no. 211 of May 2017, which includes measuring and researching building materials via the Central Equipment and Research Laboratory Unit, managing vehicle weight on the road, and safeguarding road reserve areas. In addition, the Agency performs its obligations by entering into special agreements known as (Annual Performance Agreement ‘APA’) between it and the Road Fund for road maintenance works and the President’s Office – TAMISEMI for development project works.

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The main responsibility of TARURA is to manage the maintenance, repair and construction of the District Road Network with a total of 144,429.77 Kilometers that were managed by 184 Local Government Authorities and coordinated by the President’s Office TAMISEMI under the Department of Infrastructure.