414 Names Called For Training at Immigration services Department

Names Called For Training at Immigration services Department 2024, Jobs Commissioner General of Immigration informs the youth who have passed the interview and selection process to join the Immigration College Raphael Kubaga located in the Mkinga District, Tanga Region, that they are required to report on April 3, 2024, from 2:00 AM to 8:00 PM. Anyone who reports to the College after this time will not be accepted. Furthermore, for all those who applied and were selected through the Office of the Commissioner of Immigration in Zanzibar, they are required to report to the Immigration Office in the South Region of Zanzibar (Tunguu) on March 25, 2024, at 2:00 AM.


The youth must report to the College with the following original documents: Birth Certificate, National Identification Card or National Identification Number (NIDA), Certificates of Secondary Education, Form Six, Degree, and various Skills Certificates. Anyone who does not have original education certificates will not be accepted. All youth are required to have the following items: a black track suit (1) and a blue one (1), a pair of sports shoes (2), cash of Tzs. 20,000/= for health check-ups, Health Insurance, and Tzs. 50,400/= for those without Health Insurance. Names Called For Training at Immigration services Department 2024

They should also bring four (4) blue ocean-colored bed sheets and two (2) pillowcases, a mattress (1), a blue ocean-colored mosquito net, four (4) large notebooks, a metal trunk (1), two (2) plastic buckets (one of 20 liters and one of 10 liters), two (2) T-shirts, hygiene items (hoe and hoe, rake, broom, machete, and axe), a pair (1) of rain boots. Anyone who does not have the mentioned items will obtain them from the College store. Furthermore, the youth will bear the cost of transportation and food until they report to the College.

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The names of those called for Immigration Training can be found on the Immigration Department’s website www.immigration.go.tz and on the Immigration Social Media Platforms; Facebook, Instagram, and X Network (Twitter) (@UhamiajiTz). Issued by; The Commissioner General of Immigration March 19, 2024. For more information about announcement, please download attachment PDF document below