New Opportunities at USAID / T-MELA


Location: Tanzania – USAID T-MELA Office – Mlimani City Office Park.
Contact: Please send your application by e-mail to
Deadline: 22 March 2024.




Brief Description of IBI:

International Business Initiative (IBI) is an international economic development consulting firm in the United States specializing in monitoring and evaluation, economic growth, public financial management, governance, and human and institutional performance improvement. Established in 1996, IBI has successfully implemented over 40 projects in over 70 countries. To learn more, please visit our website at

USAID Tanzania Monitoring, Evaluation and Adaptation Activity:

Project Summary

The United States Agency for International Development Tanzania Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning, and Adaptation Activity (USAID T-MELA) is a USAID-funded project that started in January 2023 and will continue until January 2027. Its primary objective is to improve the monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL) capacities and interventions of USAID/Tanzania and its partners. There are four major components under the T-MELA contract: Performance monitoring and management, assessment, and evaluation (A&E), collaboration, learning, and adaptation (CLA), and Capacity-building of local MEL and research organizations.

Statement Of Work: Geospatial Data Analyst Consultant


On January 19, 2023, USAID/Tanzania awarded IBI a contract for the Tanzania Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning and Adaptation (USAID T-MELA) Activity. T-MELA is a four-year contract aimed to assist the USAID/Tanzania Mission with strategy- and activity-level performance monitoring, evaluation, and learning. This activity will also provide data gathering and verification, data visualization (including Geographic Information Systems), data quality assessments, impact and performance evaluations, assessments, organizational learning, and collaboration among USAID’s implementing partners and DO teams. T-MELA has four components: i) Performance monitoring ii) Assessments and Evaluations iii) Collaborating, Learning and Adapting and iv) Capacity building to local M&E Organizations.


USAID T-MELA is seeking a skilled Geospatial Data Analyst Consultant who can be of service on an ad-hoc basis. The ideal candidate should possess exceptional attention to detail, strong communication skills, and have previous experience of developing GIS Product for USAID, its implementing partners, and other donors. This position is for Tanzanian nationals only.


  • Data Collection and Management: Gathering geospatial data from various sources, such as satellite imagery, GPS data, and aerial photographs. Ensuring data quality and accuracy through data cleaning and validation processes.
  • Data Analysis: Applying statistical and spatial analysis techniques to identify patterns, trends, and relationships within geospatial data. This may involve using GIS software and tools to perform spatial queries, geocoding, and spatial modelling.
  • Mapping and Visualization: Creating maps, charts, and visualizations to effectively communicate geospatial information to stakeholders. This may involve using GIS software to create thematic maps, heat maps, and 3D visualizations.
  • Spatial analysis: Collaborating with cross-functional teams to understand their geospatial data needs and providing analytical solutions to address specific business or research questions. This may involve conducting spatial analysis to support site selection, resource allocation, or risk assessment.
  • Reporting and Presentation: Summarizing and presenting findings from geospatial analysis in clear and concise reports, presentations, or dashboards. Communicating complex geospatial concepts to non-technical stakeholders in a user-friendly manner.
  • Quality Assurance: Ensuring the accuracy and reliability of geospatial data and analysis results by conducting quality control checks and following established standards and protocols.
  • Stay Updated: Keeping up to date with the latest advancements in geospatial technology, tools, and methodologies.
  • Support training: Co-facilitation, create documentation and resources that TMELA can refer to after the training sessions. This may include step-by-step guides, video tutorials, or online resources that reinforce the training content and provide ongoing support.
  • Any other activities that will be assigned by GIS Specialist.

M inimum Qualifications:

  • Hold’s Tanzanian citizenship.
  • Master’s degree in GIS, Geospatial Science, Data Science, or a related field.
  • Proven experience (5 years) working on area of geospatial projects.
  • Proven experience working for USAID or USAID Implementing Partners
  • Proficiency in using geospatial tools such as ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Online, Story Maps, Insights, Survey 123, ArcGIS Web app builder and application.
  • Exceptional visual skills, data mining, and cartography skills.
  • Strong attention to detail and ability to maintain consistency in style and tone.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Additional/Preferred Qualifications:

  • Understanding the use of GIS in a performance monitoring and management context


  • This position will be under a fixed price agreement with a set daily and hourly rate.


  • The USAID T-MELA Office is in Dar es Salaam.


This position will be technically supervised by the GIS Specialist and reviewed by the Task Lead and Chief of Party (COP) Application Process and Deadline for Submission

Interested candidates should submit their applications- a detailed CV and a cover letter outlining their relevant experience and approach to addressing the consultancy objectives. Please send your application to by the deadline of 22 March 2024.

Note: Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for further consideration