Terms of Reference (TOR) For the External Auditors at AGRITERRA

Terms of Reference (TOR) for the External Auditors for AGRITERRA for the Financial  Year ended 2021, 2022 and 2023. 

Comprehensive Background of Stichting Agriterra: 

Foundation and Registration: 

Establishment: Stichting Agriterra was established in the Netherlands in 1997. Legal Status in Tanzania: Registered in Tanzania as an international NGO with the registration  number I-NGO/R/0521 and TIN 140-699-594. 


Mission and Core Activities: 

A non-profit, international organization. 

Mission: To provide high-quality advice, training, and exchange services. 

Focus: Targets cooperatives and farmer organizations to maximize impact on socio economically strong and productive rural areas. 

Global Impact: 

Employees: As of 2022, Agriterra operates with 120 dedicated employees. 

Geographic Presence: Provides advisory services to 350 cooperatives in 21 countries globally. Expertise and


Heritage of Knowledge: Draws on a century of cooperative knowledge rooted in the  Netherlands. 


Leverages an extensive network within the Dutch agri-food sector. 

Collaboration: Engages experts, including Agripool experts from global farmers’ organizations,  who collaborate with business advisors from the Netherlands and national business advisors in  the countries where Agriterra staff is based. 

Special Focus on Tanzania: 

Legal Recognition: Registered as an international NGO in Tanzania. 

Financial Responsibility: Agriterra covers all expenses related to activities in Tanzania,  emphasizing its commitment to the regions it operates. 

Stichting Agriterra’s rich history and multifaceted approach highlight its dedication to supporting  cooperatives and farmer organizations globally. The organization’s emphasis on knowledge,  collaboration, and socio-economic impact underscores its significant role in contributing to the  development of strong and productive rural areas worldwide. 

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The objectives of the audit for AGRITERRA’s financial statements are clearly outlined  in the provided information: 

Independent Professional Opinion: The primary objective is to enable auditors to express  an independent professional opinion on the financial position of AGRITERRA. This opinion serves  as an assessment of the accuracy, reliability, and completeness of the financial information  presented in AGRITERRA’s financial statements. 

Ensuring Purposeful Fund Utilization: Another key objective is to ensure that the funds  utilized by AGRITERRA for its activities have been used for their intended purposes. This involves verifying that financial resources have been allocated and spent in accordance with  established rules, regulations, and the designated objectives of AGRITERRA. 

Books of Accounts Compliance: The audit aims to confirm that AGRITERRA maintains proper  books of accounts as required by law. This includes ensuring that the financial records are  complete, accurate, and in compliance with relevant legal and regulatory standards. 

Preparation Basis for Financial Statements: The books of accounts of AGRITERRA are  recognized as the foundation for the preparation of AGRITERRA’s Financial Statements.  Therefore, a key objective is to validate the integrity and reliability of the accounting records,  which in turn contribute to the accuracy of the financial statements. 

Internal Controls and Documentation: The audit seeks to confirm that AGRITERRA has  implemented and maintained adequate internal controls. This includes assessing the  effectiveness of systems and processes in place to ensure the accuracy and reliability of financial  information. Furthermore, auditors will review supporting documentation for transactions to  ensure their legitimacy and appropriateness. 

Overall, these objectives are designed to provide stakeholders, including management, funders,  and regulatory bodies, with confidence in the financial position and the proper utilization of  funds by AGRITERRA. The independent professional opinion serves as a crucial element in  enhancing transparency and accountability in financial reporting. 

The provided audit scope outlines the objectives, procedures, and deliverables of the audit for  AGRITERRA’S. Here’s a breakdown and further clarification for some points: 

Scope of the Audit: 

International Auditing Standards:  

The audit will adhere to internationally recognized auditing standards. 

Verification of Fund Usage:  

Ensure funds were used according to established rules and regulations for their designated  purposes. 

Procurement Compliance:  

Verify that goods, works, and services were procured in line with AGRITERRA’S rules and  procedures. 

Record-Keeping and Linkages:  

Ensure proper documentation and maintain clear linkages between books of accounts and  financial statements. 

Financial Statements Accuracy:  

Confirm that financial statements were prepared according to accounting standards and  represent a true and fair view of AGRITERRA’S financial position. 

Internal Control Assessment:  

Evaluate the adequacy and effectiveness of the internal control system for monitoring  expenditures and financial transactions. 

Opinion on Financial Statements:  

Express an opinion on the reasonableness of financial statements in all material respects.

Compliance Opinion:  

Provide an opinion on compliance with procedures designed to detect material misstatements  due to errors or fraud. 

Entry and Exit Meetings: 

Conduct meetings with AGRITERRA’S management at the start and end of the audit. 

Management Letter:  

In addition to the audit report, provide a management letter covering various aspects, including  comments on accounting records, identified deficiencies, recommendations, and  communication of matters impacting the organization’s sustainability. 

Audit Duration:  

The audit work is expected to be completed within three weeks from the commencement date. 


Audit Report: Submit two original copies of the audit report appended to the financial  statements to the Country Representative. 

Management Letter: Provide a management letter in accordance with the outlined scope of  work. 

Qualification of the Audit Firm: 

Audit firms in Tanzania with affiliation/membership with the National Board of Accountants and  Auditors (NBAA) are eligible to apply. 

Audit Fees: 

The audit fees will be determined through a competitive bidding process. 

This comprehensive audit scope ensures a thorough examination of AGRITERRA’S financial and  operational aspects, aiming to provide valuable insights and recommendations for  improvement. The emphasis on compliance, internal controls, and communication with  management reflects a holistic approach to the audit process.

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