Job Vacancies at HANDENI District Tanga

Job Vacancies at HANDENI District Tanga 2023 Handeni District is a district located in the Tanga Region of Tanzania. It is one of the six districts in the region and covers an area of approximately 15,948 square kilometers. The district is situated in the northeastern part of Tanzania and shares borders with Kilindi District to the north, Korogwe District to the west, and Morogoro Region to the south.


Handeni Town Council in Collaboration with Tanzania Health Promotion Support (THPS) will implement PEPFAR / CDC supported AFYA HATUA (Sustain Treatment, Enrolment and HIV Prevention- STEP) prqject in Handeni TC aiming to deliver client cantered, comprehensive facility and community-based HIV prevention, care, and treatment services for population served by this hospital hence contribute to the country’s HIV epidemic control.

The Handeni TC is currently seeking highly experienced, committed and motivated Tanzanians to fill in vacant positions for AFYA HATUA project as shown below.

1. Position title:ART Nurse (3 Positions
2. Position title:CT C Clinician (l Position)
3. Position title:Community HIV Tester (3 Positions)
4. Position title:District Data Officer. (l Position)
5. Position title:Data Officers. (6 Positions)
6. Position title:Laborator Technicians. I Positions)
7. Position title:Pharmaceutical Technicians. (l Position)
8. Position title:Clinical trackers. 3 Positions)
9. Position title:Facility HIV Testers. (3 Positions)
10. Position title:oPITC Medical Attendants 5 Positions)

How to apply

Interested applicants should send an email to copying Kindly attach application cover letter (one page maximum), Curriculum Vitae (four pages maximum) and copies of your relevant certificates. The subject of the email should be the position being applied fòr (e.g. Data Officer Job Application for Handeni TC). The deadline is 29th October 2023. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Handeni TC is an equal opportunity employer; women, people living with HIV/AIDS and people living with disability are encouraged to apply.

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Geography and Climate:
Handeni District is characterized by diverse geographical features. The landscape consists of plains, hills, and mountains. The district is part of the Eastern Arc Mountains, which are known for their rich biodiversity. The Handeni Hills, located in the southern part of the district, are a prominent feature.

The climate in Handeni District is classified as tropical savanna. The region experiences two distinct seasons: a long rainy season from March to May and a short rainy season from October to December. The average annual rainfall ranges between 800 and 1,200 millimeters. The temperatures are generally high throughout the year, with average highs ranging from 28 to 32 degrees Celsius.

According to the 2012 national census, Handeni District had a population of approximately 352,129 people. The majority of the population resides in rural areas and engages in agriculture as their primary source of livelihood. The district is home to various ethnic groups, including the Bondei, Zigua, Pare, and Sambaa.

Agriculture plays a vital role in Handeni District’s economy. The fertile soils and favorable climate support the cultivation of crops such as maize, rice, beans, cassava, and various fruits. Livestock rearing is also practiced by many households.

In recent years, there has been an increasing focus on cash crops such as sisal and sunflower. Sisal farming has gained prominence due to its potential for exportation and its ability to generate income for farmers. Additionally, mining activities, particularly gold mining, have contributed to the district’s economy.

Infrastructure and Services:
Handeni District has seen improvements in its infrastructure and services over the years. The district is connected to the national road network through the Tanga-Arusha Highway, which passes through Handeni town. This road provides access to neighboring districts and regions.

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The district has health facilities, including dispensaries and health centers, to cater to the healthcare needs of the population. Education facilities are also available, ranging from primary schools to secondary schools.

Handeni District offers various attractions for tourists. The Handeni Forest Reserve, located in the Handeni Hills, is known for its diverse flora and fauna. It is home to several endemic species and provides opportunities for nature walks and bird watching.

The district also has cultural heritage sites that showcase the traditions and customs of the local communities. These include traditional dance performances, storytelling sessions, and visits to historical sites.