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We have been consistent in OUR MISSION to provide affordable and quality medical services by dedicated professionals to the people we serve, ever since we started the journey of “Caring Mission with a Global Vision” 7 years back. This rhymes well with the universal healthcare philosophy of Quality, Affordability and Accessibility.


In the area of Quality we showcase awards and certificates proving our credibility towards Healthcare but, most importantly it runs deeper in the DNA of TMJ Hospital LTD. Our teams drive the quality program as the corner stone with a strong belief that there is no finishing line in the race for excellence. From a two doctor clinic in Dar es Salaam to a massive team. We are extremely proud of where we are now and where we are headed .

TMJ MEDICAL AND DIAGNOSTIC CLINIC is the first clinic in Temeke district duly licensed by the ministry of health and social welfare and practised by a team of experienced professionals who are highly skilled and capable of providing the very best of care. The team of doctors is assisted by an equally experienced staff.

  1. General Surgeon – One Position Minimum 2 Years Experience
  2. Ophthalmologist – One Position Minimum 2 Years Experience
  3. Dental Surgeon – One Position Minimum 2 Years Experience
  4. ENT Specialist – One Position Minimum 2 Years Experience
  5. Matron – One Position Minimum 3 Years Experience

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