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Marine Products Value Chain and Value Addition consultant at Mwambao Coastal Community Network

Scope of work for a Marine Products Value Chain and Value Addition consultant

1. Background to Mwambao

Mwambao Coastal Community Network was established in 2010 to help communities in

Tanzania’s coastal areas to develop strong and effective local resource management systems that support livelihoods and sustain marine ecosystems. Mwambao works to empower local communities and enable them to learn from each other through a community-based network spanning different coastal areas and communities. This network structure fosters learning as well as collective action on shared interests such as influencing policy.


2. Context:

As pressure grows on marine resources, even when applying conservation and fisheries management measures, simply taking a business as usual approach can sometimes be insufficient to meaningfully increase household income. At the most basic level, reducing post-harvest loss could drastically improve incomes with estimated losses in marine fisheries in Tanzania at ~40%. In order to help lift the incomes of coastal livelihoods reliant on fish and other marine products, there is an opportunity to make improvements to the value chain and value addition enterprises.

Mwambao is working with communities in Zanzibar (Unguja and Pemba) as well as the Mkinga, Tanga and Pangani coastline. Along these shores there are a range of potential opportunities for post-harvest improvement and value addition including: sardines, seaweed, octopus, prawns, shrimp, tuna, and reef fish. In order to identify some of the areas for opportunity and ‘quick wins’, Mwambao is looking for a consultant(s) to review some of the areas where we are currently working in order to identify potential opportunities for reducing post-harvest loss and value addition.

The overall purpose of this consultancy is to provide an overview of the sites where Mwambao is working and make tangible recommendations for areas or products to support with further investment.

3. Scope of work

  1. Background and survey design 6 days
  1. Work with key Mwambao programmes leads in order to understand high level information about the communities where we are working and initial information of value chain and value addition opportunities that might be present.
  2. Assessment of key products already identified in Tanzania and desktop research of neighbouring countries to understand what has/hasn’t worked – with specific reference to the value chains identified as important by Mwambao (Mwambao value chain reports will be provided for background).

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Deliverable 1.1 Report on key products and value chains developed highlighting successes and challenges and any key players regionally

  1. Draft survey methodology and identify priority sites for surveying and assessment of current market linkages and processing facilities
  2. Finalize survey methodology

Deliverable 1.2 Survey methodology finalised and agreed

  1. Data collection and analysis 25 days
  1. Using qualitative survey techniques survey key communities identified (approx. 20)
  2. Data collection should look to understand: key fishery products, current drying, storage and processing, market access, pricing, post-harvest loss and current value addition activities if any.
  3. Data analysis and interpretation

Deliverable 2.1 Raw data set and analysis

  1. Reporting and recommendation 5 days
  1. Develop a report summarizing the findings with clear recommendations and connections to potential business/market partners started

Deliverable 3.1 Report and recommendations

Deliverable 3.2 Connections to potential market/business partners

  1. Present a summary of the findings and recommended next steps to the Mwambao Senior Management Team

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Deliverable 3.2 Presentation to Mwambao SMT

  1. Follow up to 5 days
  1. Provide support with follow up on some of the recommendations provided.

4. Application Process

Please submit an expression of interest by completing this form by 6th September 2023 detailing your skills and qualifications and responding to the expression of interest.. Quotations will be weighted based on experience and value for money. Mwambao will cover Economy flights as needed to Zanzibar, local travel and accommodation and subsistence costs for the consultant(s) in line with our policy.