Opportunities at Rikolto


Rikolto is an international NGO with more than 40 years
of experience in partnering with farmer organizations
and food chain stakeholders across Africa, Asia,
Europe, and Latin America. Rikolto runs programs in 17
countries worldwide through seven regional offices.


Rikolto is ambitious in tackling one of the greatest
challenges we face – ensuring that we have food
systems that deliver for all of us in the future and that do
not burden our planet more than it can bear. Therefore,
we ask, “What will we eat tomorrow?”.
Rikolto is implementing the G-STIC Climate Action
project under the Government of Flanders launched in
2021 the G-STIC Climate Action Programme is to
support developing countries in the fight against
climate change. By providing financial support to
climate change adaptation and mitigation projects, the
G-STIC Climate Action Programme aims to strengthen
developing countries’ implementation of climate
policies, strategies, regulations, and action plans.

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We are therefore looking for a consultant to train on the
best practices with respect to both water
harvest/capture and water use/water management,
evaluation of applicability for the selected value chains,
development of a plan to deliver these best practices,
and oversight and guidance on implementation. For
more information visit our website on this link A
consultant needed to train and demonstrate other
water use efficiency practices | Rikolto in East Africa.
All applications should be sent via
eastafrica.recruitment@rikolto.org, by 23 June 2023