Vacancies at Union of Tanzania Press Clubs (UTPC)



The Head of Programs and Resource Mobilisation for the Union of Tanzania Press Clubs (UTPC) is a senior management position responsible for leading and overseeing the planning, development, and implementation of programs and projects aimed at advancing the interests of journalists and media practitioners in Tanzania. The role requires a strong background in program management, fundraising, and advocacy, as well as excellent communication and interpersonal skills.


Key responsibilities of the Head of Programs and Resource Mobilisation will include:

2.1   Developing and implementing strategies for program and project management, including setting goals, objectives, and timelines, and monitoring progress towards achieving them.

2.2   Leading efforts to identify and secure funding from donors and partners to support the Union’s programs and projects, including developing proposals and grant applications.

2.3   Developing and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders, including media organizations, government agencies, civil society groups, donors, and other partners.

2.4   Providing leadership and direction to program staff, including setting performance targets, providing training and support, and ensuring effective communication and collaboration.

2.5   Developing and implementing strategies for monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of the Union’s programs and projects, and using this information to continuously improve and refine their approach.

2.6   Representing the Union at meetings, conferences, and other events, both nationally and internationally, to promote its work and build partnerships.

Head of Programs and Resource Mobilization Coordinator 

Appointing Authority    :               UTPC Board of Directors

Workstation                     :               Dodoma

Contract duration         :               1 year (renewable based on performance)

Reporting to                    :               UTPC Executive Director


a.     To advise the Executive Director on the best practice of  organization Resource Management

b.     To develop and implement Resource mobilization strategies and plans to align  with UTPC’s goals and objectives.

c.     To produce resource mobilization reports

d.     To build  a strong institutional and high value  of fundrising

e.     To conduct reseach and identification of potentioal relevant funding   sources and develop proposal for grants and sponsorship

f.       To build and  maintain  partners  and stakeholders engagement and relationship to create a long term support of  the organization.

g.     To identify funding needs and opportunities and  plan for  fundraising events.

h.     To monitor and evaluate effectiveness and efficiency of resources mobilization activities and make recommendation for improvements.

i.        To stay current with trends and the best practices in resource mobilization and fundrising

j.        To ensure that all fundising activities comply with legal , ethical and regulation.

k.      Direct line manage Press Club Development and Administration Officer, Training Research and Publications Officer, Administration and Finance Officer, and Procument Officer.

l.        To carry out other assignments as and when deemed necessary by the Executive Director.

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·      University degree in social science /Business Communication/ Marketing or equivalent work experience.

·      Extensive experience in fundraising and donor relationship management necessary

·      A successful 5 years experience in fund- rising and institutional resource mobilization, Understanding on  development sector and grant management

·      Experience in training delivery and provision of capacity building support

·      At least four years senior management experience in program and human resources management

·      Strong organizational and time management skills and very strong in networking skills and excellent interperson relationship skills.

·      Ability to communicate fluently in English and Swahili languages verbally and in written form.

·      Ability to use computer in Microsoft word, excel and power point.

·      Must have age 25 – 45 years.

Individuals must possess business astuteness, be results oriented, have demonstrated analytical skills, be forward thinking and be able to supervise and support operations and programmes, with varying levels of management and capacity. Successful individual will have the interpersonal skills necessary to establish and manage working relationships with staff with varying levels of management experience. Successful candidate will enjoy working in a multi-cultural environment as part of a rapidly growing and developing organisation, and be personally committed to UTPC’s mission and values.

They will also be committed to promoting press freedom and media professionalism in Tanzania, and have a deep understanding of the challenges facing the media industry in the country.



Under the overall guidance of the Exceutive Director and direct supervision of the Head of Programs, and Resource Mobilization, the MEAL Coordinator will be responsible for the monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning. Ensuring high quality and timely inputs, and for ensuring that the project maintains its strategic vision and that its activities result in the achievement of its intended outputs in a cost effective and timely manner.

The MEAL Coordinator will be responsible for designing and implementing the MEAL activities of the UTPC 2023-2025 Strategic Plan and special projects; assisting the project unit in preparing Quarterly/Annual reports on project progress and will monitor activities on a regular basis and will be responsible for the collection & analysis of different data in relation to the UTPC 2023-2025 strategic plan and special project activities.

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Officer

Appointing Authority    :               UTPC Board of Directors

Workstation                     :               Dodoma

Contract duration         :               1 year (renewable based on performance)

Reporting to                    :               UTPC Executive Director


a.   To advise the Executive Director on managing for impact (MFI) UTPC 2023-2025 Strategic Plan.

b.   To develop an effective monitoring plan (PMP) which will collect and record all project’s results, in line with the project’s LFA/Outcome mapping/Theory of Change.

c.    To provide feedback to the management team, press clubs leaders and the Executive Director on the project performance on a monthly basis.

d.   To identify any problem or irregularity in the implementation of UTPC projects and strategic plan.

e.    To develop monitoring and evaluation tools for monitoring progress of outputs, outcomes and goal.

f.      To lead the development of the Activity Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Plan (AMELP) and its implementation.

g.     To be responsible for overall tracking of inputs to expected results and providing learning feedback that can be used to inform the implementation of program activities.

h.    To organize and facilitate tasks related to monitoring, evaluation, learning, and adaptive management.

i.      Support the development of, and data collection approaches for, baseline development and impact monitoring including SMART indicators.

j.      Ensure that the Activity’ indicators and sub-activity (or work package) plans are updated into the online system for performance tracking and results based monitoring to operate effectively and rigorously with full buy-in of project staff.

k.     Analyze all data collected and advise program management on needed program revisions.

l.      Ensure necessary templates (sub-databases) developed and staff and press clubs trained for data collection, entry, and reporting.

m.  Perform field visits to monitor activities on the ground, including monitoring
and reporting.

n.    Training other Staff and Press clubs where required, on key MEL concept, tools and processes.

o.    Overseeing and advising management on information management processes by reviewing data collection efforts, overall data reliability, consistency and quality.

p.   Carry out other assignments as and when deemed necessary by the Executive Director.

q.   Ensuring UTPC compliance on government, donor and members requirements

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University Degree preferably in Business Administration, Economics, statistics or related field.


At least 5 years of experience in the design and implementation of M&E/MIS in development projects implemented by national/international NGO, Government;
Experience in designing tools and strategies for data collection, analysis and production of reports;
Proven ICT skills, especially in using database software;
Expertise in analyzing data using statistical software like Kobo;
Strong training & facilitation skills.

Language Requirements:

Ability to communicate fluently in English and Swahili languages verbally and in written form.

Must have age 25 – 40 years


Interested applicants meeting the above job requirements should send their applications with detailed CVs, photocopies of their academic qualifications and provide three (3) names of referees with their contact addresses.

All applications should be addressed to the Executive Director,

Through  following email address,


Send by courier mail service as per below not later than 25th May , 2023

Union of Tanzania Press Clubs.

Aboud Jumbe Road, Kazembo Street

House No. 27

P.O Box 770

Uzunguni Dodoma

Hand delivered applications will not be accepted. Any applicant who will make a telephone call to any UTPC official, in respect of his/her application, will automatically be disqualified.

Only shortlisted applicants shall be contacted.

UTPC is an equal opportunity employer.