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 Uvinza is one of the eight administrative districts of Kigoma Region in Tanzania. Uvinza is bordered to the northwest by Kigoma District and Kigoma-Ujiji District. North of the district is bordered by Kasulu District . Lake Tanganyika borders the district on the west. Mpanda District in Katavi Region boders the district to the south and Kaliua District in Tabora Region borders the district to the east.


The district is named in honor of the Vinza people whom the western part of district was their historic kingdom. Southern Uvinza District is home to the Mahale Mountains National Park. A unique park that is home to both Chimpanzees and lions in the same habitat. 

 Salt has been extracted from the brine springs in the Uvinza area for many centuries. This joint article describes excavations at some of these springs, carried out in association with the Bantu Studies Project of the Institute, and in the second part gives an account of the more recent history of Uvinza. Stratified Iron Age sites covering a long period are very few in East Africa, and the Uvinza pottery succession is important. 

Drs. Sutton and Roberts carried out the work while on the staff of the University College, Dar es Salaam; Dr. Roberts has now been appointed to a post in the University of Zambia.

 Uvinza Salt Works (Eneo la uchimbaji wa chumvi mawe ya Uvinza in Swahili ) are salt mines that have been in used since the Iron Age. The are numerous brine springs in the area. The site is located in the town of Uvinza in Uvinza District of Kigoma Region in Tanzania.

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 Uvinza town is the economic heart of Uvinza district. The town has a station on the Tanzanian Railways. The region is dominated by salt production, forestry,and agriculture. Fishing is also one of the economic activities, with the most prominent fish across the country the Nguruka fish. In October 2007, it was proposed to build a branch railway to Bujumbura in Burundi junctioning off from there. 

It is also served by Uvinza Airport, which is located around 2 miles (3.2 km) northeast of the town center. The airport consists of a single, non-paved airstrip which is approximately 3,000 feet (910 m) long.

There is currently a railway that will go from Uvinza to Gitega planned to be completed in 2027