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 About the job

Coca-Cola Beverages Africa (CCBA) presents an exciting opportunity for Regional Compliance Manager (Tanzania, Uganda, Ghana, Mozambique) to join the business. Please note that we will only be accepting applicants that currently live in Tanzania, Uganda, Ghana or Mozambique).

Coca-Cola Beverages Africa is the largest African Coca-Cola bottler, accounting for 40% of all Coca-Cola volumes on the continent. CCBA is a NARTD market leader in Africa. CCBA has an extensive footprint in Africa, employing over 16.000 employees. CCBA vision is to Refresh Africa every day and make the continent a better place for all, growing successfully as business and creating a better shared future for our people, customers, consumers, communities, planet and shareholders.


Key Purpose Statement:

  • Manage the region’s strategic and operational compliance deliverables by providing high levels of leadership, direction, coordination, training and professional guidance to country compliance teams (Country Compliance Managers and Compliance Officers)
  • Oversee and monitor all operational, financial and compliance audits and projects for the region 3.
  • Oversee the development and control of the annual governance calendar for the region

The Regional Compliance Manager (RCM) must have advanced knowledge of all operational processes, more specifically manufacturing, as well as all audit-related activities, to enable a well-informed and knowledgeable approach to the regional monitoring and oversight role for which they hold responsibility.

Key Purpose:

1. Strategic Role

  • Provide high level input and guidance to the development of the Group and region’s annual compliance and governance strategies
  • Maintain a high level strategic and leadership role for all compliance-related activities for each country in the region
  • Embed compliance strategies in the region and oversee their execution
  • Partner with the CMT and Country MD’s on a daily basis as required for compliance matters, and make recommendations at both a strategic and operational level
  • As the end-to-end owner of compliance in the region, steer compliance operations to facilitate a more robust and proficient approach in-country, reduce fraud, ensure control gaps are closed through sound identification and effective processes
  • Oversee and monitor the management and implementation of audit calendars in the region; lead regions in making decisions on audits to be conducted by internal and/or external providers
  • Explain the motivation for the annual risk assessment at Group level, and engage countries on areas requiring audits
  • Lead and monitor the successful initiation and implementation of key projects in the region in terms of compliance matters; assist Country Compliance Managers (CCM) in their strategic and operational role within project teams

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2. Internal Controls, Review and Reporting

Internal Controls

  • Lead a team of subject matter experts in developing and maintaining standard operating practices (SOPs) within the key operational areas, ensuring alignment of compliance-related policies, controls and processes across the business
  • Manage audit calendars for each country in the region and lead regions in making decisions on using internal and/or external providers for conducting audits
  • Oversee and monitor overall performance against each RACM and CSA control as set out in the applicable audit findings; monitor actions implemented at a high level to close out gaps and deviations identified in findings
  • Provide high level expert input for the design and development of controls, using a risk-based methodology as a basis to enable the testing of processes and associated compliance across the region
  • Review RACM narratives to ensure changes are captured and documents are kept updated accordingly
  • Provide expert input in the review and optimisation of CSA tools, processes and reporting to drive efficiencies in assessing the effectiveness of controls; oversee, provide input and monitor further development of CSAs and monitor the effectiveness of their implementation in the region
  • Devise peer review and quality review processes of country working templates to ensure sufficient levels of quality, as well as incorporating reliability and independence

Review and Reporting

  • Review drafts of Board presentations compiled by CCMs; advise and guide development of proficiency in composing these Packs
  • Review drafts of Business Continuity Plans (BCP) developed and compiled by CCMs; advise and guide development and annual testing of routines
  • Review and advise on control testing processes, and provide recommendations to senior leadership to ensure compliance.
  • Report into the Group Audit Committee on regional compliance matters, as well as carrying out a fiduciary responsibility towards each Country Audit Committee in the region, ensuring independence and accountability for compliance-related activities
  • Provide feedback to senior leadership on the status of action plans and deadline dates regarding assessments and audits being conducted
  • Provide applicable governance reporting to the regional and financial management teams in conjunction with Country Managers. Among others this includes Audit Committee Packs, RACM and CSA testing results, Issues Mitigation Tracker
  • Align governance and process reporting across the region, highlighting best practice and recommending actions as applicable
  • Consolidate quarterly results for the region for RACM and CSAs
  • Highlight key governance, control and process deficiencies to regional teams and agree timelines to close out deviations

3. Internal and External Audit

  • Evaluate applicability of in-scope controls, in collaboration with internal and external auditors, to ensure alignment to business processes
  • Facilitate the review of audit requests and the allocation of information requests to applicable process owners; guide auditors, CCMs and the operations to ensure the smooth running of audits within the allocated time period
  • Collate and submit requested information to internal and external auditors to assess compliance to internal controls
  • Review key audit findings and associated actions plans to adequately mitigate the identified risk; investigate and escalate findings as applicable
  • Drive closure of audit findings to mitigate further risk to the business where necessary
  • Ensure adherence to the country governance calendar and its fulfilment throughout the year
  • Ensure CCMs implement routines but regularly implement surprise checks on country controls and processes to strengthen compliance activities and have an independent view

4. Risk and Governance Capability Improvement

  • Provide input into the development of training content to improve internal control and governance capabilities across CCBA
  • Train CCMs to coach and train country compliance teams on any changes and updates to RACM, related policies and report writing
  • Promote and actively contribute to a knowledge-sharing culture within CCBA Compliance
  • Engage/coordinate with other RCMs in sharing of best practices and setting up training routines for CCMs and compliance teams

5. Relationship Management

  • Build and maintain collaborative relationships with multiple customers and stakeholders; understand needs and operating contexts, and manage expectations
  • Provide specialised support as the key point of contact to regional compliance teams
  • Communicate openly with the Compliance Community of Practice to share information
  • Apply effective problem-solving methods to find workable solutions to issues
  • Assist in external contractor/supplier selection for audits as applicable
  • Interact at all levels (internal and external) to resolve issues constructively
  • Demonstrate an ability to handle conflict and to diffuse it effectively
  • Use learning gained from team successes and issues, to enhance performance and relationships in the team

6. Team Leadership and Management

  • Participate actively in the selection and appointment of Country Compliance Managers
  • Set team and individual goals aligned with business priorities and requirements; support the team with successful delivery of goals
  • Manage day-to-day staff activities
  • Coach direct reports and manage/guide performance of the team
  • Conduct PDR’s and IDP’s for each direct report
  • Lead the team in alignment with company values and ethics, in and outside of the workplace
  • Communicate with the team with a focus on good two-way communication
  • Respect and find value in diversity
  • Apply effective problem-solving methods to find workable solutions to issues
  • Manage conflict constructively and make every effort to achieve solutions acceptable to all parties

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  • Ideally Chartered Accountant (CA)
  • Associate General Accountant (AGA), Certified Internal Auditor (CI), with relevant experience will be considered
  • Additional diplomas such as Policy Framing, Control Framework Design, Forensics Investigation, will be considered an advantage
  • Hands-on experience of SAP and/or Microsoft Dynamics essential
  • Previous governance and control experience in a manufacturing environment is preferred
  • Additional internal audit experience will be advantageous


  • Minimum 8+ years operational financial experience
  • People-manager skills essential


• The job holder will be expected to travel at short notice to CCBA footprint countries for relatively lengthy periods of time, depending on the urgency and duration of the matter.

Closing Date : 12 March 2023