Call For Interview at TAKUKURU

PCCB Call For Interview, Call For Interview TAKUKURU February 2023, Majina ya walioitwa kwenye Usaili TAKUKURU 2023.

Director General of Tanzania Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) likes to advertise job applicants who passed the preliminary screening that the written interview test (aptitude test) will be held in Dodoma City, at Chuo cha Mipango Dodoma.


mportant Points to ConsiderNames of all applicants called to the interview along with the location the exam is available on the PCC website;
Each applicant should fill in his personal information on the form attached with a list of names.
The form is also available on the website of PCCB;
The personal information form should be filled carefully and accurately. The form is part of the aptitude test. Therefore, a person who fills out the Form incorrectly
that he will have lost the chance to succeed in this interview;

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The form should be submitted on the day of the exam. The interviewee who does not submit the Form, he will be counted among the losers in the interview;
Each interviewee should write the test number given to him, who will write his name his test will not be corrected;
Those who pass the written test will be called for the interview of the interview (oral interview).