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Various Jobs at Liwale DC Lindi 2022  Liwale is one of the six districts of the Lindi Region of Tanzania. It is the largest district in Lindi and one of the largest in districts in Tanzania. It is bordered to the north by the Pwani Region, to the east by the Kilwa District, to the south by the Ruangwa District and to the west by the Morogoro Region. 


Various Jobs at Liwale DC Lindi 2022


Lindi Region is the third largest region in Tanzania with a total area of 66,040 km2 (25,500 sq mi), after Morogoro Region at 70,624 km2 (27,268 sq mi). Lindi 's size is around 7.1% of the entire Tanzanian territory.[8] In comparison, Lindi is larger than the island nation of Sri Lanka which has a total land area of 62,732 square kilometers.Lindi Bay is located in the region is one of the largest bays in the country. 

The highest peak in Lindi Region is Kongowele at 830m is located in Nachingwea District.[9] Lindi has 23 islands in its territory with the largest one being Songo Mnara Island, followed by Kilwa Kisiwani Island and Songo Songo Island.

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Lindi is home to a number of major rivers, the largest one being Mbwemkuru River. Other major rivers are Matandu River, Lukuledi River and Mavuji River. Some tributary rivers of the Rufiji River that begin in Lindi Region are Njenje River and Lukuliro River.

Lindi Region is also home to the Tendaguru Formation, a Late Jurassic fossil record, where a complete skeleton of the largest land animals to ever exist; Giraffatitan was discovered by German colonizers during their occupation of the territory in the early 20th century. Other fossils that were found there are the Kentrosaurus, Janenschia, Tornieria, Tendaguria, Dysalotosaurus, Australodocus, Elaphrosaurus, Veterupristisaurus and Dicraeosaurus species of dinosaurs.