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ADP Mbozi
is a not-for-profit Non-Governmental Organization registered undersection 11(3) of Non-Governmental Act No. 24, of 2002 with a registration number 1639.
The organization was established in 1986 as a food security project in Mbozi district.Since then, the organization has grown in terms of interventions and coverage.

To-date ADP Mbozi is a leader in facilitating socio-economic empowerment of marginalized1 rural and urban communities in Southern Highlands of Tanzania through promotion of improved agriculture production and food utilization, entrepreneurship and market development, addressing challenges of environment and community empowerment on gender, HIV and AIDS and good governance. Moreover, the organization strives to
strengthen its internal capacity in order to successfully implement the above-mentioned
focus areas.

The headquarter of the organization is located in Vwawa Town, about 70 km from
Mbeya city and along the Dar Es Salaam - Lusaka highway. ADP-MBOZI is a recipient of PEPFAR support through HJFMRI/WRP-T. Such support has been paramount in implementing HIV and AIDS interventions such as DREAMS initiative, Community Based HIV Services (CBHS) and Community Based HIV Testing Services (HTS) are executed through tracing Interrupted in treatment (ITT), retention,
miss-appointment clients (MISSAP) and initiated and voluntary HIV testing services, counseling, bidirectional linkages to other HIV intervention services and linkage to care and treatment clinic (CTC). 

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ADP Mbozi envisions rural and urban communities attaining livelihood security and sustainably managing their resources.

When you apply for the positions at ADP Mbozi please submit your relevant Application letter, Curriculum Vitae and Academic transcript as directed.

Program: HIV and AIDS Prevention program in Chunya DC

Job title: Linkage & Retention Officer

Reports to:                Program Coordinator

Job Location:            Chunya District

Application Deadline: 14th July, 2022 before close of office business. 15.30 hours.

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