Various Jobs at Ushetu District Shinyanga

Ushetu District Council
is a newly established council officially inaugurated through a government notice GN 286 of 31/8/2012. Formally The District Council was in Kahama district council which was divided into 3 Councils of Kahama Town Council, Msalala DC and Ushetu DC, following the government decision to bring services closer to the community. 

The District Council is on the Northwest of Tanzania (South of Lake Victoria), roughly between latitudes 3015″ and 4030″ south of Equator and longitudes 31030″ and 33000″ East of Greenwich. The District council has an area of 4,326.7 square kilometer (432,670.4 hectares) with 19 wards, 105 villages, 500 sub villages. Total population of the Council is 273,075 (134,229 male and 138,846 female) according to the National Census 2012.

The Executive Director of Ushetu District Council, Announces job opportunities for all qualified Tanzanians to be employed in the public service. The positions are Village Executive, Driver  II, and Assistant Accounting II.


The Vision of The District Council is “to have a society living free from poverty, illiteracy, diseases and which practice peace and tranquility”. The Mission of The District Council is “to improve the living standards of the people by ensuring accessibility of equity, social and economic services through good governance”. 

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The Council has got 15 government secondary school, 99 government primary schools, 3 Health  Centres, 22 Dispensaries (21 govt. owned and 1FBO owned) and without District hospital. The council also has 1 water piped scheme, 445  shallow-wells, 23 deep-wells and a total roadnetwork of 885 km (221 km gravel and 664 km.