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Shinyanga, also known as Shinyanga Mji in the local Swahili language, is a city in northern Tanzania. The city is the location of the regional headquarters of Shinyanga Region as well as the district headquarters of Shinyanga Urban District. The region and district are named after the town.

Tanzania Postal Codes as provided by TCRA provide a completely new way for Tanzanians and foreigners to access site postal codes. Zip codes can be used in Tanzania for many ways such as filling out forms online.

Tanzania's National Addressing and Postcode System (NAPS) was finalised in 2016. The code has 5 digits. The postal code is written on the same line as, and before, the place name. The first digits indicate the region or a district of Dar es Salaam - please see the administrative districts section below.

Postal Codes in Tanzania

Pursuant to Article 41 of the Electronic and Postal Communications Act 2010, the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) wishes to inform the public that the list of postal codes for the United Republic of Tanzania has been published under the Official Gazette Notice Number 240 dated April 22, 2016.

A postal code is a series of numerical numbers that identify Specific postal delivery point or area and for Tanzania the precisely defined area is the wing. This professional allocation of postal codes was done after a long search involving different experts. To understand the postcode system for Tanzania read more here.