President Samia announces to recruit 7,000 New Teachers

PRESIDENT Samia Suluhu Hassan has said that after the construction of education infrastructure, the provision of teaching materials, the creation of a learning environment, the construction of classrooms and furniture, the next step is to increase the employment of 6000 to 7000 teachers. continue).

President Samia made the statement today, January 27, 2022 while speaking by telephone with students of Benjamin Mkapa Secondary School in Dar es Salaam. The students and the school administration organized a celebration for President Samia's memorial day. 

We will add and distribute them to match the class building and the level of high school students. “We know that the challenge lies in the primary schools, in the Uviko funds we have made good use of participatory schools. “But there is a levy money that we collect every month and we continue to build classrooms at the grassroots level, at that level there is still a shortage of classrooms and furniture. "So the work in the education sector is great and we will continue to do it in collaboration with the ministry of education but with the Tamisemi all together working together," he said. In addition, at the event where the official guest was the Minister of Education Science and Technology Prof. Adolf Mkenda on behalf of President Samia, the Head of State thanked the students and all those who organized the ceremony.


“The head teacher of the school, all the staff, the school and the students, also thanks go to our brother Mwijaku, Minister of Education. “I also thank Emanuel (student) our future economist, and all those who contributed to the event. All day long they have given for it. I thank you all for a heart of love, ”he said. In addition, he has promised to address the school's challenges presented in the safe provided by the school's Headmaster Deo Joseph. 

 "Teacher, I have heard the challenges you mentioned, I have heard the Minister of Education has carried them very well. So be patient and submit to me and we will decide which one I carry as president. To remove those challenges at school. “The goal is for our children to learn better and to have better care. I thank you and ask you to continue with your activities and may God bless you, ”he said. Earlier, the Headmaster reading a greeting to the official guest, apart from congratulations on President Samia Suluhu Hassan's birthday congratulations, said they want next year (2023) to be in the conference hall as drawings are already in place and the construction site is in place.

He has asked for a hearing test to find out what services are needed for those students with hearing impairments. “We also ask you to provide us with a school bus that will help facilitate services for students with special needs as it is a challenge when they get sick. "Also pleasing you we have at least two dormitories for girls and boys to reduce the inconvenience when they are struggling with transportation. "We extend our sincere thanks to you President, you have done great things and opened up the country, we believe great success is coming," said the Master. While Professor Mkenda not only commended the school for continuing to make strides in the good performance of Form Four students, he also promised to convey the safeguards to President Samia.