Volunteering Jobs at Plan International Tanzania


Plan International Tanzania
is a child-centered organization that advances childrens rights and promotes equality for girls. We have been operational in Tanzania since 1991 and currently work in 13 regions. We work with communities, the government and other development partners to support vulnerable children, adolescent girls and their families to access health care, education, clean water, sanitation, protection to help improve their livelihoods and protection of their well-being.


Plan International has been working in Tanzania since 1991. Our work supports marginalised children and youth, especially adolescent girls, to grow up physically and mentally healthy and ready to shape their future. We create an enabling environment and empower girls to be active drivers of change in realising their rights. We prioritise working with partners, and ensuring all of our work is evidence based.

Tanzania experiences natural and man-made disaster risks. Drought occurs around once in four years, mainly in north and central areas and affects around 3.6 million people. Tanzania has begun to experience climate change, which has increased the frequency and severity of drought and flooding and is likely to have increasingly negative impacts on areas affecting child rights, such as the environment, agriculture, water supply, health and livelihoods. 

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With the warming of sea temperatures and changes in typhoon patterns in the Indian Ocean, Tanzania is increasingly at risk of Typhoon and major storm activity. Tanzania hosts thousands of refugees from neighbouring countries fleeing conflict. Plan has been operational in the Kigoma refugee camps for the past 4 years. The global pandemic of 2020-21 has had an impact on Tanzania.