Jobs at Akiba Commercial Bank Plc (ACB)



Akiba Commercial Bank Plc (ACB) commenced banking operations in August 1997 as an initiative of over 300 Tanzanian entrepreneurs who were inspired to move into micro-finance, by the moral and economical concern for the light of millions of Tanzanians.


These founding members were bound together by a strong conviction that in Akiba Commercial Bank they will have the vehicle through which they would reach and help transform the lives of previously unbanked and commercially ill-equipped people around the country.

The bank’s essence was to support the emergence of startup Tanzanian businesses through the provision of financial services at all levels by a Tanzanian-owned commercial bank which understood the people it aimed to serve and was committed to. This was the original, very firm and deep rooted mission of its founding members.

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Job Opportunities at Akiba Commercial Bank Plc (ACB)

We invite several Tanzanians to fill the following job vacancies

In order to strengthen the resource base of the bank, the founding members over time invited like-minded local and international investors to coalesce their resources, strengths, and expertise for the common vision of growing ACB’s services and reach. These institutions were also invited because they were willing to participate actively without being driven by profits as their main objective, but rather they were committed to uplifting the economic status of Tanzanians irrespective of their socio-economic positions in life provided they had entrepreneurial skills that can be nurtured. ACB’s target market is small and medium sized entrepreneurs, companies and community banks.