19 Job Opportunities at NBC Bank


NBC is the oldest serving bank in Tanzania with over five decades of experience. We offer a range of retail, business, corporate and investment banking, wealth management products and services.


Job Summary

Provide specialist advise and support for day-to-day work, in order to execute predefined objectives as per agreed standard operating procedures (SOPs). Selecting this role has a compensation & benefit impact in Kenya, Uganda, Botswana, Mozambique, TZ (BBT), TZ (NBC). Please contact Reward for details.

Job Description​

a :Agent On boarding / Lead Generation

  •       On board and process applications of Agents in line with NBC Bank policies and regulatory requirements submit to Line Manager for review before submitting for processing
  •       Delivering exceptional sales performance through daily sales activities to drive agent performance.
  •       All agent documentations are updated and stored properly
  •       Conducting Agent assessments according to the Operations Manual
  •       Deliver exceptional sales performance in Agency banking by identifying new and potential agents
  •       Participate in Agency banking sales campaigns to meet specific target
  •       Performing branding duties to ensure agents are properly branded and visible
  •      To ensure all agents operate at their agreed level, as per key agent indicators; For Example – Enough float, Registrations and transactions.
  •       Manage agent’s relationship with branches  and working direct with branch managers and branch sales team to ensure successful agent recruitment, support training objective are met to drive growth
  •        Supporting agent in sales and account opening to ensure customer accounts are opened as per account opening procedures.
  •        Performing any assigned task related to agency banking operations and sales
  •        Identify and recruit agents, targeting key business in their location as well as targeting top performing agents.
  •       To ensure POS and merchandising material are effectively distributed
  •       Provide weekly/ Monthly agent visit report as per agreed format
  •       Perform visit of all existing agents within your circuit at least once a month

b :Agent Operations management

  •         Growing agent base within the assigned area
  •         Visiting agent portfolio as assigned and managing the agent network.
  •         Conversation of Non Transacting agents to transacting
  •         Supporting customer base on boarded through agents to fund the accounts
  •         Attending daily sales review meetings and perform the daily activities accordingly.
  •        Providing a weekly sales activity plan to Branch Manager and Agent banking head office team.
  •        Study and assess competitors activities on the ground through daily agent visits and capture useful information for feedback and improvement

c : Direct Sales

  •        Facilitating first-contact meetings with potential NBC Wakala
  •        Contact/visit the existing agents and new prospects to sell product and strengthen the relationship
  •        Daily planning of sales activities to ensure optimal utilization of allocated area/location to sell.

     d:Branding and retention of agents    

  •        Visiting agents monthly within given vicinity
  •        Ensure that every on boarded agent is activated and branded accordingly
  •        having signage, tariff guide, user guide and log book)
  •       Let the agent know about new product or promotion
  •       Respond to agents queries/ complaint accordingly
  •       Providing initial training to the agent.

h :Compliance and Risk Management: 

  •  Ensure that planned training interventions take place, particularly for compulsory training. Attend all assigned training before deadline.
  •        Directly responsible for discipline – initiate misconduct or incapacity charges, follow NBC discipline processes together with HR.
  •        Attend all booked meetings.
  •        Share knowledge and experience with other LG in the Team
  •        Agree annual performance objective with team leader including specific target
  •        Pursue continues improvement in personal development by participating in development programs
  •        Display code of conduct and self-discipline


Bachelor`s Degrees and Advanced Diplomas – Business, Commerce and Management Studies, Digital familiarity (Meets some of the requirements and would need further development), Experience in a similar environment, Openness to change (Meets some of the requirements and would need further development), Product and/or Service Knowledge (Meets all of the requirements), Sales Management (Meets all of the requirements)

Click on each job link below to read more and apply:

  1. Lead Generator Agency (TABORA BRANCH)- 1 POST
  2. Lead Generator (SUMBAWANGA BRANCH)- 1 POST
  3. Lead Generator (MOROGORO BRANCH)- 1 POST
  4. Lead Generator Agency (MOROGORO BRANCH)- 1 POST
  5. Lead Generator (LINDI BRANCH)- 1 POST
  6. Lead Generator (SINGIDA BRANCH)- 1 POST
  7. Lead Generator Agency (GEITA BRANCH)- 1 POST
  8. Lead Generator (SEA CLIFF BRANCH)- 1 POST
  9. Lead Generator Agency (UDSM BRANCH)- 1 POST
  10. Lead Generator (MLIMANI CITY MALL BRANCH)- 1 POST
  11. Lead Generator Agency (TANGA BRANCH)- 1 POST
  12. Lead Generator (TUKUYU BRANCH)- 1 POST
  13. Lead Generator (MOSHI BRANCH)- 1 POST
  14. Lead Generator (NJOMBE BRANCH)- 1 POST
  15. Lead Generator Agency (MOSHI BRANCH)- 1 POST
  16. Lead Generator Agency (MAKAMBAKO BRANCH)- 1 POST
  17. Lead Generator Agency (NJOMBE BRANCH)- 1 POST
  18. Lead Generator Agency (KIBAHA BRANCH)- 1 POST
  19. Lead Generator (MAKAMBAKO BRANCH)- 1 POST

DEADLINE: 06TH August 2021