Employment Opportunities at JATU Public Limited Company


is registered with a number 130 452, It is also recognized by TRA by TIN number 132-718-008 and the company’s business license is B 2403057. B 2357184. Online Shopping Services License (TCRA / OCS-) OO5 / 033/2019. We improve health and eradicate poverty through human resources, agriculture and industry.

JATU connects farmers and enables them to modernize agriculture and after the harvest the company buys all the produce and later prepares products that will be sold to members through the online trading system (network marketing)network marketing).
Job Opportunities at JATU Public Limited Company


We run and manage various agricultural projects. We are also looking for farms and researching them and when we are satisfied that they are good places for agriculture we are involving members so that they can own those farms.


We use the online marketing system to sell our products, also every customer (member) who makes purchases of these products through our system (JATU MARKET) receives a profit share (10% dividend) of the relevant product each month.

JATU has been setting up small-scale factories around its agricultural projects and buying produce for its farmers who are our members and then preparing products that are sold through our marketing systems.


JATU since we have many members and who are entrepreneurs, we have established a special SACCOS that has no interest on the JATU farmer and has concessional terms to borrow on time. The goal is to make sure the child does not lack capital.