6 New Job Vacancies At ITM Tanzania Ltd


was founded since 2011 by Mr. Sylva MONGA. The company started basically as a training and staff management provider corporate under the name International Training & Motivation Sarl Quality of provided services to company in skills development and staff management, promoted and ensured a tremendous growth of ITM Sarl through an outstanding expansion and a highly recommendable background


ITM Tanzania Ltd is the leading provider of a wide range of support services tailored to the needs of Business Entities in Tanzania. From human resources needs to business process outsourcing and supply chain solutions, ITM is your ideal business solutions partner. Our services are recognized for their efficiency in business process improvement and enhancing career development.
Click on each number below to read more and apply: Bofya kila moja hapo chini:

1. Workshop Manager- (1 POST)
2. Legal Counsel- (1 POST)
3. Chinese Chef- ( 1 POST)
4. Structural Engineer- (1 POST)
5. Back End App Developer- (1 POST)
6. Front End App Developer- (1 POST)

Deadline: 8th & 10th May 2021