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The CIHEB 201 Regional Software Team is a specialized software development team with an international staff of 14 and growing. This dedicated group of software developers and computer scientists apply their expertise in building applications, architecting systems, and engaging users to design, build, manage, and support sustainable health infrastructure systems.


Working as an extension of CIHEB Head Office, the 201 Team provides specialized support to CIHEB projects using an Agile and user-centered approach to design. 201 Team members join project teams to fill a gap in expertise and provide support in system analysis, architecting, development, testing, integration, and maintenance. Currently, members of the 201 Team are working to develop dashboards, track real time data, develop data management tools, and support national data systems in Malawi, Nigeria, Botswana, Zambia, Mozambique, and Kenya. 

The Regional Software development team was established with the mission to develop robust Health Informatics systems that are evidence based, scalable, sustainable and harmonized with other systems in the health sector by developing in-country capacity, planning for the future and developing strategic partnerships that enable scale up and guarantee sustainability.

Regional LIMS Software Developer Manager
Position Description

The position will be responsible for directing day to day activities of Software Development to deliver software releases on-time and with high quality. Will be responsible for client communication on project design and process. Will ensure appropriate resources are identified, hired and retained. Will make critical decision that will attribute to the success of the mission.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Identify, understand and plan for organizational and human impacts of office, Health Informatics and mHealth systems, and ensure that new technical requirements are properly integrated with existing processes and skill sets
  • Translate client requirements into highly specified project briefs
  • Conduct system analysis and design with major focus on developing system specifications
  • Draw up testing schedules for complete systems
  • Provide training to users of new systems
  • Review existing mHealth systems and present ideas for system improvements, including cost proposals
  • Provide ongoing maintenance support to facilities and districts where mHealth solutions have been implemented
  • Develop technical working relationships with other technical people from Ministry of Health (MOH), partner NGOs, IT companies and other relevant organizations in the country of implementation
  • Plan necessary infrastructure required for Health Informatics solutions to ensure national scale is seamless, different systems are open and interoperable with existing mHealth solutions and information systems
  • In close collaboration with the Health Informatics and Software development in country strategic information team, develop M&E framework for both ICT for the office, Health Informatics and Software development projects supported by UMB

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering or similar technical discipline; or, equivalent demonstrable experience.
Experience, Knowledge, and Skills

  • Minimum of over 7 years working experience in system development
Skills and Abilities
  • Experience in software development and coding in various languages (C#, .NET, Java, PHP etc.)
  • Experience in developing web applications using at least one popular web framework
  • Possesses full working knowledge of technologies such as UNIX, Oracle, SQL Server and TCP/IP for example, as well as knowledge of one or more programming languages
  • Strong organizational, time management, computer and communication skills, leadership, coaching and team building skills to strengthen and cultivate relationship to help achieve organizational goal.
  • Ability to recognize the sensitivity to individual organizations needs and the impact on services of the introduction of IT solutions.
Abilities: Ability to multi-task, Analytical skills, Ability to follow verbal or written instructions, Thinking analytically, Communication, Using effective verbal communication, Using effective written communication, Handling stress & emotions, Concentrating on tasks, Making decisions, Adjusting to change, Examining/observing details, Sitting for long periods at a time
Interpersonal/Individual Competencies: ability to work with other team members, flexibility, decisiveness and personal integrity
About MGIC
The Maryland Global Initiatives Corporation is a nonprofit affiliate of the University of Maryland, Baltimore established by UMB to carry out UMB’s programs to strengthen health systems and improve the human condition in the areas where UMB operates through MGIC. MGIC has UMB-approved affiliates, field offices, and program offices (collectively known as “country offices”) throughout sub-Saharan Africa. MGIC activities are funded generally by U.S. government entities through cooperative agreements with UMB.
The deadline for submitting the application is 03rd March, 2021.