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Position: Assistant Director Of Finance
This is a remote live in location and ideal applicant must be comfortable with remote living. This is a single assignment opportunity however there is a chance for R&R Leave every 11 weeks.
Must have worked abroad in a remote location before and have 3-5 years management experience in the luxury hotel industry. We will not be able to consider those without hospitality experience.


For Work Permit application the candidate must sit NBAA exams here in Tanzania so must already have proof that he/she is a registered member of an accountancy professional institute/ Board recognized by International Federations of Accountants (IFAC).
A Letter of good standing from the Institute of Chartered Accounts and Practical Experience Log Book (At least 3 years post qualifying experience).

Unfortunately due to Tanzanian Work Permit restrictions we can not consider applicants from the following countries ;
Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Chad, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Equatorial Guinea, Nigeria, Pakistan, Kazakhstan Republic, Kyigten Republic, Lebanon, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Palestine, Senegal, Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Somali land, Sierra Leone, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Syria, Yemen and Stateless persons or persons with refugee status.

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Job Duties;
  • To assist the Director of Finance in the administration of all financial aspects of the Lodge and Saba Saba remote office operations.
  • To ensure that all local and corporate policies and procedures are observed, and to supervise the day-to-day operation of the Accounting office.
  • Continuously deliver the highest level of product with respect to financial reporting and analysis, internal control compliance and business management. Ensure this is done with both integrity and accuracy.
  • Ensure that bank accounts are opened in consultation with owners with a bank of strong financial standing and if local rating services are available, they should be utilized for verification of financial strength.
  • Ensure all cheques are signed only by authorized parties and that positive pay and positive payee is in place on all bank accounts (where available) and that source documents are approved by one member of Group B.
  • Ensure the preparation of a comprehensive monthly report of the entire financial results of the hotel in established corporate formats and in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. E
  • ffectively advocate Finance Department programs and policies to Planning Committee, Department Heads and employee groups. Monitor the status of Accounts Receivable aging and billing collections to achieve company standards.
  • Maintain files on all contracts, leases and agreements and ensure compliance with their requirements; ensure proper authorization has been obtained for all hotel specific contracts (including Engineering), leases and other agreements and competitive bids are on file where applicable and reviewed prior to execution of contract.
  • As applicable, ensure compliance with all loan covenants and the balance of long-term debt is accurate and agrees to all supporting documentation and verified when payments are made.
  • As appropriate, based on the hotel's accounting on behalf of owners, interest accruals on long-term debt may be recorded on the hotel's books; the Director of Finance should ensure accuracy of the unpaid balance and applicable interest rate, and accrue the expense to the Interest
  • Expense line item and record the corresponding liability in the Accrued Interest liability account.
  • Ensure that monthly reconciliations for all balance sheet accounts are prepared and signed off on in accordance with policy.
  • Review and sign off on all bank reconciliations monthly, paying special attention to reconciling items.
  • Continuously strive for improvement of processes and efficiency.
Dedicated to perfecting the travel experience through continual innovation and the highest standards of hospitality, Four Seasons can offer what many hospitality professionals dream of -the opportunity to build a life-long career with global potential and a real sense of pride in work well done.

Position: Reservations Manager
Location: Serengeti
Type: Full time
Job ID: REQ10198652
OverviewThis position will be partially based at the Lodge in the Serengeti so should be comfortable with remote single living. There is schedule of 11 weeks on and 2 weeks off so have an opportunity to go home and see family every 11 weeks.


Due to Work Permit restrictions in Tanzania we can only consider Tanzanian nationals for this role. We will not be replying to non Tanzanian applications.
1. Direct reservations activities of the lodge to achieve budgeted goals; understanding and applying the principles of occupancy and rate to achieve maximum yield.
2. Revenue management functions as would be required at the Lodge based around existing business trends, business segmentation & technology on property etc
3. The ability to assume responsibility for the execution of the Reservation Department’s policies and procedures and manage the daily operation.
4. To maintain maximum occupancy within the lodge, avoiding overbooked situations and maintaining the correct guest mix.
5. To allocate duties and delegate work within the department continuously monitoring the progress and ensuring that all work is kept up to date.
6. Keep immediate supervisor promptly and fully informed of all problems or unusual matters of significance so prompt and corrective action can be taken as appropriate.
7. To deal with any complaints in the area of his or her responsibility, to investigate all pertinent details, to report findings to management and to take the necessary steps to avoid a re-occurrence.
8. To check each day’s arrival list one week in advance to ensure all reservations are secure and reconfirm where necessary. To check them again two days in advance to ensure, reconfirm where necessary and ensure all are properly filed.
9. The ability to control all villa reservations in conjunction with the Front Office Manager and ensure special handling of top corporate clients, VIPs, and return guests.
10. To control the free sale of all reservations to the Lodge’s best advantage regarding the amount of reservations that are commissionable.
11. To work closely with the Sales and Marketing Department to coordinate and control the number of group bookings, handle group bookings, maintain files, trace cut off dates, follow up on special instructions, and assist with and oversee groups.
12. To identify and be aware of all major events throughout the coming year which may affect any new projects or changes within the lodge and communicate them to WRO, Sales Representatives and Reservations staff.
13. To attend all departmental meetings, to chair the Reservations Meeting on a monthly basis and to hold additional briefings as required.
14. The ability to prepare and distribute occupancy and revenue forecasts and keep all department heads well informed of any unexpected changes in levels of business.
15. To work closely with the Front Office Manager in connection with future availability, budgets and weekly forecasts.

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16. Develop demand trend tables and charts by market segment to support forecast projections.
17. Initiate performance measurements and regular revenue related analysis. Maintain forecast reliability by constantly measuring accuracy.
18. Develop reports based on customer stay records data to identify current and emerging buying trends; e.g. Lead Time Analysis, Price Point Production, Room Type Upgrades and Up-sells, etc.
19. Provide Monthly Marketing Diagnostic Reports.
20. The ability to handle and maintain accurate records on and monitor pick-up, cancellations, no-shows, and sources of reservations.
21. The ability to create and maintain individual rate codes for each negotiated account as established by the Sales Department.
22. The ability to establish and maintain the rate code conversion tables between PMS and WRO system.
23. In coordination with the DOSM introduce Yielding tactics to manage demand patterns, including developing periodic Transient and Group Selling Strategies.
24. Update the property management system with room and rate restrictions to optimize yield.
25. Manage Delphi Yield System with transient protected rooms and updated Minimum Available Rates.
26. The ability to lead/manage the forecast & management meetings held with the Sales and Marketing Department.
27. Maintain all lodge distribution channels are in compliance with rate parity and rate integrity disciplines. Dedicated to perfecting the travel experience through continual innovation and the highest standards of hospitality, Four Seasons can offer what many hospitality professionals dream of -the opportunity to build a life-long career with global potential and a real sense of pride in work well done.

 Position: Director of Engineering
Location: Serengeti
Full time

Manage all aspects of hotel and building maintenance programs including electrical, plumbing, woodwork, water production and waste water management, gas, fire and safety (including security), HVAC refrigeration, interior paint and decorating. In addition to overseeing the property maintenance will also oversee Security department.

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This is a remote location in the Serengeti and suitable for someone who is comfortable with remote living. It is a single person assignment and will receive allowance and flight to leave the Lodge every 11 weeks to visit family.
The Ideal candidate must have relevant Hotel / Lodge experience at this level and due to Work Permit restrictions we can only consider Tanzanian nationals at this stage.

· Hiring, training, supervision, scheduling, counseling, and evaluation of performance for the entire Engineering department including all Managers and line Employees. Ensure annual reviews are completed on time in Workday and ensure Goals are completed on time for all Dept Heads in the division.
· Ensure proper execution of work order/request system and that items are followed up on when necessary. Ensure proper planning of activities and employee time to maximize the efficiency of the Engineering department.
· Supervise requisitions for purchase and work orders and liaise effectively with the Purchasing Manager and fellow Engineering Managers. Annually Review Vendors to obtain best quotes and updated and current list of suppliers.
· Ensure well organized system in place for all Engineering stores and adequate spare parts are in place to avoid down time of key machinery items. Maintain logs on movement of stock items and tools, while monitoring the distribution of items.
· Implement preventive maintenance schedules, policies and rules to ensure an efficient department. This applies to Woodwork (Floor Covering/ Walkways/ Support Structures), Lifts, Plumbing, Generators and Alternators, Waste Water Treatment Plant, Reverse Osmosis Water Production Plant, Roofing structures front and back of the house, Kitchen and Laundry Equipment, Kitchen hoods, HVAC Equipment, Elevators Guest Gym Equipment, Swimming Pools, Buggies and Vehicles.
· Pre Arrival Check of all Guest Rooms to ensure the rooms are technically and maintenance wise in perfect condition.
· Ensure perfect Room Program/ Perfect Public Area Program and Perfect Employee Area Program are in place and properly tracked and maintained. Monitor and assist with upkeep of Sabasaba Offices, equipments and employee rooms.
· Overview and upkeep of Landscaping and decorative lighting throughout the public Areas and along the Walkways.
· Ensure a proper pest control program is in place for both inside and outside the Lodge grounds. Outside includes Tsetse Flag Spraying Program and locating of flags.
· Up keep of all water features throughout the property including pond at front drive and water hole in front of Main Pool.

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· Prepare and review standards outlined in the MMM Audit which is an Engineering Audit conducted on behalf of Four Seasons. Ensure follow up carried out following the Audit and points noted.
· Prepare and review standards outlined in the AON Secuirty which is an Engineering Audit conducted on behalf of Four Seasons. Ensure follow up carried out following the Audit and points noted.
· Continued focus on energy savings and cost control procedures throughout the Lodge (Examples include LED Lighting Projects/Power off in some room blocks during lower occupancies).
· Work closely with the Director of Safety and Loss Prevention on ensuring fire and other emergency procedures are in place, practiced and constantly reviewed.
· Manage the maintenance of all firefighting equipment in first class order and ensure that emergency procedures are understood. This includes The Ansul System in the Kitchen / IT, Fire Hoses & Extinguishers along with the Fire Alarm System. Ensure working knowledge of the Lodge Fire Break Road and annual upkeep of the road itself.
· Comply with and enforce Four Seasons Category One and Category Two Work Rules and Standards of Conduct as set forth in Empact.
· Work harmoniously and professionally with co-workers and supervisors
· Ensure that meter readings are taken daily on heat, light and review information to evaluate consumption.
· Review Pricing and offerings from Contractors / Suppliers to ensure the Lodge is getting the best value for goods / services purchased

Dedicated to perfecting the travel experience through continual innovation and the highest standards of hospitality, Four Seasons can offer what many hospitality professionals dream of -the opportunity to build a life-long career with global potential and a real sense of pride in work well done.