University of Dar es salaam (UDSM) New Scholarships 2020


Scholarship In Geoarchaeology

UDSM Scholarship 2020 – PhD. Scholarship In Geoarchaeology. A three-year (2020 – 2023) Volkswagen Foundation funded project entitled ‘Natural Catastrophes and Human Coping Strategies along the Eastern African Coast during the First and Second Millennia AD’ is a multidisciplinary research project hosted in the Department of Archaeology and Heritage Studies, College of Humanities, University of Dar es Salaam.

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The project seeks to recruit a full-time PhD. student for 36 months (three years) to pursue a PhD. in Geoarchaeology—that is, the application of methods of earth sciences (notably geology, geomorphology, hydrology, sedimentology, and geophysics) to archaeological problems.
The prospective student will be supervised by senior archaeologists from the Department of Archaeology and Heritage Studies, UDSM, as well as other experts from within and outside the country.
Research Focus
The PhD. project will be executed on the northern Tanzanian coast and will explore indicators of environmental changes in the wider history of long human occupation from circa AD 500 – 1900.
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UDSM Scholarship 2020 – PhD. ScholarshipIn Geoarchaeology

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