TAMISEMI:New Teachers Application and Transfer Systems | Mifumo Mipya ya Ajira na Uhamisho Kumaliza Uhaba wa Walimu

TAMISEMI: The government has said it is in the process of developing new recruitment and transfer systems that will alleviate the challenge of staff shortages in its primary and secondary schools in the country.

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Deputy Secretary General of the Office of the President PMO-RALG in charge of Education Gerald Mweli, made the remarks during a joint working session with higher and lower level education officials, especially education in Arusha, where he said the challenge of teachers relocating or being recruited will take into account the shortage.
Mweli said the systems would allow the opening of Regions, Districts, Wards and even Villages or Locals where such schools are located and that an applicant for employment or transfer would have to apply and go to a vacant school and not otherwise.


TAMISEMI New Recruitment And Transfer System To Compete Teachers Shortage
Another system that has begun to work is that of receiving and auditing teachers’ debts that will be verified and maintained as was the case in the past where record keeping was difficult. The system is expected to alleviate the inconvenience and grievances of teachers and other employees getting lost before payment.
“I have spoken to education officials and some teachers and as you know we have developed a lot of systems, the first system is the system to receive and audit the debts of teachers and other staff and we have started with Dodoma region and now we have passed and told teachers we have prepared this system”
In addition, he said there has been a backlog of staff especially teachers in cities, towns and some municipalities and making the peripheral areas lack teachers due to a decrease in the number of teachers required and hence the overcrowded areas will be sent to teachers for special reasons.
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For her part, Arusha City Secondary Education Officer Valentine Makuka said the Fifth Phase Government has worked hard to address the concerns of teachers based on their rights such as salaries, grades, tuition and transfers where all these issues were clarified at a working session held.
Christina Marandu Mwalimu Meru District Council Kerikenyi Primary School one of the participants congratulated the Third Phase Government for providing them with a total of 60 million shillings which has built three classrooms for real value for money and set an example in Meru district.

“My school has received 60 million shillings for the construction of three classrooms as everyone has been talking about the Government as a catalyst to bring development to the people in the school and even our ward and this has given me the opportunity to walk forward with the Government’s performance.”


The projects visited by the Deputy Principal Secretary in the Office of the President PMO-RALG in charge of Education Gerald Mweli in Arusha City are Msasani Primary School, Suye Secondary School and Meru Council Kisimiri Secondary School.

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