Employment Vacancies at Nanguji Memorial Hospital Morogoro


Nanguji Memorial Hospital Morogoro Tanzania is the most populous and vast country in East Africa with a population of 50.1 million people according to the 2017 Projections by the National Bureau of Statistics National Census of 2012. It is a sparsely populated country with a geographically wide distribution of settlements hence presenting a challenge regarding access to hospitals. With its population and an area of 940,000 km2, its population density varies from 12 people per km2 in Lindi to 3,133 people per km2 in Dar es salaam. There are 26 administrative regions in the country and the list of hospitals will be arranged by regions.

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185+Job Vacancies at Nanguji Memorial Hospital Morogoro


Nanguji Memorial Hospital Morogoro The healthcare system is arranged in a hierarchical structure and the administrative structure is related to the running of the equivalent level of the health facility and where the first line health facility is the dispensary to be built in every village and health center to be built in every ward as is written in The Primary Health Care Development Program (2007–2017). Higher up in the ranking are the district hospitals, regional referral hospitals, zonal referral hospitals and national hospitals. There are some specialized hospitals e.g. the Ocean Road Cancer Institute and Mirembe Psychiatric Hospital.

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As of 2019, there were 6,304 medical facilities in Tanzania. Of the 269 hospitals in the country, 120 are public under the Ministry of Health Community Development Gender Elderly and Children, the military and parastatal organisations. The remaining 149 are privately owned either by faith-based organisations, private-for-profit or non-governmental organisations.

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