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Minjingu Mines & Fertilizer Limited
A leading Fertiliser manufacturing company based near Babati, Manyara Region at Minjingu village has the following vacancies:

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The Minjingu phosphate deposit is located 106 km southwest of Arusha, Tanzania along the Arusha-Dodoma highway. It is of guano-sedimentary origin, hence biogenic in nature, and is believed to have formed during the Pleistocene age from the remains and droppings of flamingo birds that inhabited the lake Manyara region millions of years ago. Some flamingo birds still inhabit the lake to date.

The Minjingu deposit was discovered in 1956 by Gold Fields Mines, a South African company that was conducting a geophysical survey over the lake area. Subsequent to several field surveys and detailed laboratory analyses of samples taken from the area, a statutory mining company by the name of Minjingu Phosphate Company (MIPCO) was established under the auspices of the Tanzania State Mining Corporation (STAMICO). The company’s main roles were to mine and process the Minjingu Phosphate Rock (MPR), and to supply it to the Tanzania Fertilizer Company (TFC) factory in Tanga where it was further processed into chemical phosphate fertilizers such as Single Super Phosphates (SSP) and Triple Super Phosphates (TSP).

However, due to some managerial problems as well as change of country policy, The Tanga factory was closed down and the government later privatized MIPCO and renamed the company Minjingu Mines and Fertilizer Ltd. ( MMFL). MMFL has been mining and processing the Minjingu ore into powder for direct farm application in Tanzania and for the export market. Due to the proven effectiveness of the MRP as a direct farm application fertilizer, MMFL has now decided to change its brand name to Minjingu Organic Hyper Phosphate+.

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We specialize in producing and exporting Organic Hyper phosphate+ in both powder and granule forms. Our long-standing commitment to the highest quality products and services has allowed us to retain business partners and customers for more than 20 years.

8 Job Vacancies at Minjingu Mines & Fertilizer Limited

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Minjingu Mines & Fertilizer Ltd offers you an opportunity to learn on a first hand basis as to why Minjingu Organic Hyper phosphate+ is an effective solution to reverse the ever decreasing farm yields due to infertile soils. Our distributors and clients will agree that it pays to use Organic Hyper Phosphate+ because the product is unique and effective. Please take the time to read the valuable information on our website to help you understand why Minjingu Organic Hyper Phosphate+ is an economical solution to increase yield by restoring degraded and unproductive lands.