Thursday, June 4, 2020

List of Names Called for Interview in MOROGORO at ULANGA District Council

  Nophsky       Thursday, June 4, 2020
Ulanga District (Mahenge District is one of the six districts of the Morogoro Region of Tanzania. the administrative seat is in Mahenge. It covers 24,460 square kilometres (9,444 sq mi) of which 4,927 square kilometres (1,902 sq mi) is in forest reserves. Ulanga District is bordered to the north and west by the Kilombero District, to the east by the Lindi Region and to the south by the Ruvuma Region.

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As of 2002, the population of the Ulanga District was 194,209.[4] According to the 2012 census the population had risen to 265,203 people. The Wapogoro are the majority ethnic group in Ulanga District.
Most people are employed in herding and subsistence farming, although there is some traditional fishing. Some mining is done in Lukande Ward.
Roads are poor. There is one gravelled airstrip located in the Selous Game Reserve.
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Administrative subdivisions
For parliamentary elections, Tanzania is divided into constituencies. As of the 2015 elections Ulanga District had one constituency:
Ulanga Mashariki Constituency (Ulanga East Constituency)

Interview Descriptions
Today we announce names called for interview at ULANGA District Council. Read carefully all names called for interview by downloading PDF File attached...
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DOWNLOAD PDF FILE.....Follow link below to download PDF file which contain all names and additional information....
Released Today 04th June, 2020.

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